Iosif Ton – let’s get back to what Jesus taught

After the miraculous healing of his daughter from Celiacs (an inflammatory,immune-mediated disorder that affects primarily the gastrointestinal tract, but also affects other organ systems) Iosif Ton, the premier and respected Baptist Leader and Theologian states that he believes the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today, that they never ceased and that we must focus on Jesus when reading the Bible.

Here is a 60 minute interview he gave on the  alfaomega.TV a Romanian TV channel. The video was posted 12/10/2010 at website. It is very well worth your time to view; you will feel convicted by what he says, yet simultaneously hopeful and empowered. The discussion is of course in Romanian:

You can read Iosif Ton’s statement about where God is leading him here

puteti sa cititi scrisoarea cu marturia ficeii sale in Romineste aici

you can also read his daughter’s healing testimony in English here

All three statements are linked from the site.

The iPad and iPhone band

…all things were created through him and for him. Colossians 1:16

think… the ingenuity of the iPhone and iPad.

…if you thought it was silly for the young men and (some) women to be playing guitar hero, instead of learning to play a real guitar, you might change your mind after seeing this video. This  group plays several Christmas carols entirely on the iPhone and iPad. Just think of the implications….after group bible study at your apartment or Starbucks you can end the night by taking out your iPhone or iPad to sing fully accompanied by piano, guitar, bells and whatever other apps Apple will invent. Or think of this, you go to a missionary field and there are no instruments. You take out your iPhone or iPad and accompany the worship songs. But, I digress, here is the always innovative, Northpoint Community Church, which always encourages their tech guys to use their talents to the glory of God!


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