how God worked through C.S.Lewis ‘Mere Christianity’ for Josh Caterer

Here’s a video of Josh Caterer (former lead singer of the Smokin’ Popes, a rock band who had a contract with Capitol Records) retelling his story of finding God. He is a worship leader today at a big church in Chicagoland, and an example of how God can change the course of our life.

and you can hear him sing ‘I’d rather have Jesus’ in the video below. He has a great voice. and if you like guitar at all, listen to it to the end. This is one of my all time favorites, both the words and the music,especially his guitar playing. It’s fantastic!

It is from his album ‘Why me’

if you like his songs you can listen to some others here:

Why me Lord

When He was on the cross

Green Pastures (has a nice guitar interlude at 1:42)

I know you love me (nice guitar playing-live)

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