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Am transcris dialogul fratelui Iosif Ton de la emisiunea ‘AlfaOmegaTV’ realizat de Tudor Petan in Decembrie, 2010.

Puteti sa vizionati video clipul pe care l-am mai postat aici.

Fratele Iosif Ton a fost un timp Profesor de Limba si Literatura Romana la clasele Ciclului II (de la clasa a V-a la cl. VIII-a). Ce impresioneaza este modul in care face explicatii pe intelesul tuturor. O bunica care poate nu a citit mult la viata ei sau un copilas de 7 ani, pot amindoi sa priceapa ce spune fratele Ton datorita limbajului folosit.

Pentru ca a trebuit convertita transcrierea  in formatul pdf, am avut constringeri de folosire a semnelor de punctuatie (ex.  ( ) ; ” ) si inca nu am gasit un software cu alfabetul Romanesc, sper sa dau de unul in viitor.

Cu toate acestea continutul interviului este extrem de folositor si merita citit.

Acestea sint afirmatiile Fratelui Iosif Ton (cititi transcrierea pentru detalii:

1 ) De ce trebuie sa dam intiietate  invataturii  Domnului Isus. (Pagina 1)

2 ) Nu e nici o contradictie intre invataturile Domnului Isus si ale apostolilor.   (P 1-2)

3 ) Crucea Domnului Isus nu este centrul. Centrul atentiei noastre este persoana Domnului Isus si invatatura Domnului Isus .(Teologia crucii P 2)

4 ) Cum defineste fratele Ton ‘mintuirea’. (P 3) Mintuirea este actul prin care El m-a eliberat de sub robia diavolului, si m-a invatat sa trec prin crucea Lui si sa  intru in relatia cu Sfinta Treime.

5 ) Poruncile Domnului Isus pot fi implinite fiindca cuvintele Lui sint incarcate cu putere. (P 4)

6 ) Problema fundamentala este ca noi nu luam in serios invatatura cu pacatul.

7 ) Poti sa te descalifici pentru mintuire. (P 6-8)

8 ) Ajungi sa stingi pe Duhul Sfint, staruind in stare de pacat (P 7-8)

9 ) Nu toti cei ce proorocesc sau fac semne si minuni vor fi mintuiti. (P 7-8)

10 ) Cind incetezi sa gindesti, mori si sunt tare  multi care dupa ce au iesit din scoala nu mai studiaza, nu mai descopar lucruri noi, si mor. Noi zicem s-au plafonat.

Optiunea 1 – Click  aici: Transcriere – interviu cu Iosif Ton

Optiunea 2 – Daca link-ul nu vi se deschide click aici pentru  transcriera interviului.

3 comentarii (+add yours?)

  1. Gabi Bogdan
    dec. 19, 2010 @ 18:55:36

    I have a Mac and a Ipad, could not get the transcript, i will try on my PC( hate them). Just looking at the 9 points , i can tell you that he is right, but only half right on some, and wrong on other points( in my opinion) But before i read it , some questions, basic ones, that goes to the root of his „new way ” of looking at the teachings of the Lord. Can you love God and not keep the commands? Can you keep the commands and not love God? Keeping the commands=loving God? Are the commands of Christ harder or easier that the OT commands or are his commands impossible to keep?

    • rodi
      dec. 19, 2010 @ 21:34:07

      Thanks for the heads up. My dad couldn’t open it either,I will have to search for a software solution that will be compatible to older systems and newer systems . I hope you will be able to print out the whole transcript on your PC. That version has paragraphs and page breaks and facilitates real easy reading. He does a fantastic job on systematic analysis of how Christ’s ministry is to give God sons that are made in His image (a plan Iosif Ton points to, which the Trinity speaks of all the way back in Genesis 1:26, at the begining. There’s a lot to digest in this, so I think it will take us some time to mull it over, because, yeah, the first tendency is to think, There’s no way I can do everything that Jesus said, so we give up and don’t do any of it. Ton’s response, is to start by reading the Gospels and learn what it is Jesus wants us to do. And then walk in faith that He will enable us to obey His commands.
      I did love Iosif Ton’s last point a lot. Hopefully we are on the right course wanting to learn more about Jesus.
      And when he says he has a new theology, he really means that we have gotten away from it, just like the Church has tended to marginalize Jesus’ teachings throughout the course of history.
      Next week we will get into this deeper, because you will never believe how many commandments there were in the Old Testament (and it wasn’t just the 10)

    • rodi
      dec. 19, 2010 @ 21:36:11

      PS, I forgot to mention I added a second link at the bottom of post that will take you to another page on my blog, but it’s not as easy to read as the file was. I also added it to the Categories on the site for easy access (under Iosif Ton).

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