Why does God want us to sing?

Bob Kauflin (author of ‘Worship Matters’) first talks about Motivating the Church to Worship God;

then he explains why God wants us to sing:

here’s additional  short clips that are worthwhile, they are a Biblical theology on music. First an intro by Piper, the rest are Bob Kauflin’s.

Piper- The Lord’s triple command to sing, sing, sing

Does God sing?

The human voice in congregational music

Why does God want us to sing?

Truth and worship and The importance of singing truth (about the music style wars)

Kauflin on the (in)effectiveness of some tunes (gives funny examples of what some songs would sound like)

Style of music

Why Christians sing

Is music without words a language?

Encouragement to use our bodies in worship

Christmas Songs by Behold the Lamb of God

using mandolin in ‘O come, o come Emanuel’

‘While shepherds’ by Behold the Lamb of God

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