Does this generation really want the truth? Part 1 – a message especially for (University) students

Narration for video below byRavi Zacharias, visiting scholar at Cambridge University,and  frequent speaker to University students at Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford.

His ministry’s vision is fourfold: Evangelism, Apologetics, Spiritual Disciplines, and Training that comes alongside the Church or concerned Christians worldwide so that the mandate of I Peter 3:15 might be fulfilled—to set apart Christ in our hearts as Lord and always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that is within us, with gentleness and respect, all for the glory of God.

NARRATION (from video) PART 1- The problem in Universities

What has happened to truth in our day? Where did we lose out, where did we go wrong? What has become the malady that best describes why we are on the wrong track? This arena of lies and falsehood where we are risking the whole next generation with a false sense of entitlement.

Skepticism is the hallmark of University education today. You can go to campus after campus and they deny even the very possibility of ‘knowing’. Fascinating, isn’t it? You come out of the University education at the end of it basically saying, “You cannot believe anything! You cannot know anything!

Intent is prior to content. Question is: Does this generation really want the truth? Revelation displaced by reason. Truth subverted by agnosticism. Rationalism fails, existentialism fails and lastly the propositionalism (is) replaced by the visual.

This is possibly the darkest reality of our time. So the young scholar sitting before the professional lectern is absolutely convinced that truth is nearly relative and what has happened is that he (the young scholar) has lost sight of the fact of what Jesus said about the eye. He said, “Let your eye be single, the eye is the lamp of the body”. William Blake put it in these words, “This life’s dim windows of the soul distorts the heavens from pole to pole and goads you to believe a lie, when you see ‘with’ and not ‘through’ the eye”.

We are meant to see through the eye with the conscience, we are told to see ‘with the eye’ devoid of a conscience.  And in reality, nothing is so beautiful as the good, nothing so monotonous and boring as evil, but in our imagination it’s the other way around; ‘fictional evil’ is very intriguing, attractive and full of charm. The poles have been reversed, good has become boring, evil has become intriguing.

Author of Video shows Names of Persons and Locations mentioned in Bible verses, and pictures of artifacts from archaeological digs which centuries  later proved the existence of aforementioned.

Part 2 is coming tomorrow.

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It came to pass

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How to grow in grace- E.M.Bounds book- The Necessity of Prayer

In The Necessity of Prayer, (click for free PDF book format)E. M. Bounds quotes this advice, giving credit only to „an eminent old divine”:

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Would you be freed from the bondage to corruption? Would you grow in grace in general and grow in grace in particular? If you would, your way is plain.

Ask of God more faith. Beg of him morning, and noon and night, while you walk by the way, while you sit in the house, when you lie down and when you rise up; beg of him simply to impress divine things more deeply on your heart, to give you more and more of the substance of things hoped for and of the evidence of things not seen.

From Chapter 2, „Prayer and Faith (Continued)” ministry.

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