God in the Dock: The Apologetics of C. S. Lewis

from Ligonier ministries Tabletalk magazine:

essay by Roger Nicole, professor emeritus of theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Fla., and author of Standing Forth.  There are 2 other essays by Nicole at Ligonier: Christ our righteousness and Dealing with differences.

In modern English the words apology and apologize indicate regret because some statement or action was offensive and wrong. This is not the case for “apologetics” in theology, for that discipline is intended to manifest “a point of view is right.” It is intended for those who differ in order to win them over, or for those who agree in order to confirm them in the truth for which the apologist testifies.

It is in this sense that C.S. Lewis is recognized as an “apologist,” for a number of his works are intended to manifest the adequacy of the Christian outlook over against a “naturalist” position, which asserts that the universe is simply a great material mass functioning in terms of its own mechanism or laws without any possible intervention from the outside and specifically without a creative or governing power of a mind.

You can read the rest of this essay on C S Lewis at Ligonier.org

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