The Difference Between Puritans and Evangelicals on Communion with God (via) Justin Taylor

Posted: 27 Jan 2011  by Justin Taylor on the Gospel Coalition Blog:

A convicting quote I return to again and again:

. . . whereas to the Puritans communion with God was a great thing, to evangelicals today it is a comparatively small thing.

The Puritans were concerned about communion with God in a way that we are not.

The measure of our unconcern is the little that we say about it.

When Christians meet, they talk to each other about their Christian work and Christian interests, their Christian acquaintances, the state of the churches, and the problems of theology—but rarely of their daily experience of God.

Modern Christian books and magazines contain much about Christian doctrine, Christian standards, problems of Christian conduct, techniques of Christian service—but little about the inner realities of fellowship with God. Our sermons contain much sound doctrine—but little relating to the converse between the soul and the Saviour.

We do not spend much time, alone or together, in dwelling on the wonder of the fact that God and sinners have communion at all; no, we just take that for granted, and give our minds to other matters.

Thus we make it plain that communion with God is a small thing to us.

But how different were the Puritans! The whole aim of their ‘practical and experimental’ preaching and writing was to explore the reaches of the doctrine and practice of man’s communion with God.

—J. I. Packer, A Quest for Godliness (Crossway, 1994), p. 215 (chapter 12).

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  1. George W.Galis
    ian. 28, 2011 @ 14:11:54

    Moody a mostenit toata invatatura lui Evanghelica dela bunicul lui care era un Puritan . In biblioteca lui Moody de aproximtiv 12 mii de volume, sunt volume intregi cu invatatura Puritanilor.

  2. Gabi Bogdan
    ian. 28, 2011 @ 22:06:00

    Ha, numai ce mi-am amintit , am cartea lui Packer despre puritani, am inceput-o, fara sa o termin , trebuie sa o incep din nou. Am cumparat o carte cu culegeri de rugaciuni puritane, Valley of Vision. Extraordinar ce atenti au fost in detalile cele mai mici ale trairii in sfintenie.

  3. George W.Galis
    feb. 02, 2011 @ 18:06:41

    Puritanii englezi s-au separat de biserica Anglicana si l-au urmat pe Calvin, care invata ca sa se separeze complect de anglicani si nu regina Angliei sa-i conduca, ci episcopi alesi de ei. Sunt mai multe detalii interesante istorice cari trebuiesc cunoscute…

  4. George W.Galis
    feb. 02, 2011 @ 22:37:45

    Mostenirea spirituala a lui Spurgeon o are dela bunicii lui cari au fost Puritani
    si majoritate din cartile din biblioteca lui Spurgeon(12000) le are mostenite dela bunicul lui.In invataturile lui el a fost influentat de Invatatura Puritanilor. In
    book stor la CBD, a iesit de sub tipar 22 de volume toata invatatura Puritana.
    Costul acestui set este de $260.00.

  5. Gabi Bogdan
    feb. 04, 2011 @ 00:03:56

    Primii americani au fost puritani. Ce mi Se pare fascinant la acestia, este felul in care au scris, limbajul, cuvintele pe care le foloseau. Ce este interesant, unul dintre judecatile aduse contra lui Spurgeon, a fost ca limbajul lui este prea comun, nu e destul de elevat. Acum , studentii la facultati il studiaza.

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