Ravi Zacharias – Unity in Diversity in the Trinity.

Two years ago, actually a year and a half ago, I was asked to speak at a United Nations  Prayer Breakfast. It was the second time they had asked me to  come, only this time I marveled at the subject- Navigating with absolutes in a relativistic world. You get up at 6:30 in the morning to speak on that. and then you are told you have 25 minutes and then you are further told you cannot bring religion into it.  I said’ „I-ll make a deal, 20 minutes your subject, last 5 minutes, why I believe in what I do as being the only answer to this struggle. „Okay,” we agree.

So, I talked about the search for 4 absolutes: evil, justice, love and forgiveness.  How do you define evil, how do you define justice? What is true love? And when you blow it, how are you forgiven? They all nodded their heads. I said, „Now I wanna ask you with 5 minutes to go, „Do you know of one event  in the world where these four converged? I said, „They converged on the cross of Jesus Christ. ” Evil was seen for what it was. Justice was meted out by a righteous and holy God.  Love was displayed unparalleled to a point where he looks at a young man and says, „Take care of her, she’s now your mother.”

A cosmic drama was unfolding and he cared for the one woman who had nurtured and cared for him. And then I said forgiveness, that He’s willing to wipe your slate clean and forgive you. Do you know that there was an ambassador from one country, I will not name, it is an atheistic country. They stood in line to shake hands. The President of the U.N. said, „Would you come up to my office and please pray for me and my staff? Before that, this man shakes my hand and says, „Can I talk to you for a moment? He said, „I come from an atheistic country. I didn’t wanna come here. I didn’t wanna come here. We don’t believe in God and I wondered why I was here.”  He said, „This morning I found out why I am here. Pray for me. ”

God revealed in Christ, where absolutes converged in an unparalleled way.  The description of evil, the convergence of  absolutes, totally in the disclosure of reality. You know why I think men and women like you come to a conference like this? I was talking to my wife about it. She was not able to join me last evening. She became unwell just as we were leaving and I wondered if it was because of my sermon, but it isn’t…cause she was okay and feeling much better today and she joined me here, but you know I said to her,”Why do they come?” Why do you all come? Because you wanna go deep. You wanna go deep. God is able to take a little child and place the child as ‘such is the kingdom of heaven’ and He’s able to look at Nicodemus and say, „You’re a teacher and you don’t understand these things?” He’s able to take the sublime and make it simple. He is able to take the simple and show you the sublimity behind it. The unfathomable depths of God’s riches.

You know what I think is going to be the biggest point of our delight in eternity ? That we will be silent when we are face to face with the trinity. You know, Peter knew the difference between 1 fish and 3 fishes. Paul knew the difference between 1 and 3. This marvelous unity of the trinity, which may be the only explanation for the Greek search of  unity in diversity because unity and diversity in effect must presuppose unity in diversity  in the first cause and only in the trinity is there a community of unity in diversity. God is a being in relationships and our hearts hunger for relationships as we live here. Marvelous depth of truth. The atheist stuff looks so shallow after this.

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