Miracolul formarii Universului (cu subtitrare)

Journeys to the edge of Creation by Moody Publishers 

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  1. gabi bogdan
    mart. 08, 2011 @ 02:06:27

    O sa il vizionez maine. Ma uit la tot ce prind despre acest subiect ( univers).
    Un lucru ma fascineaza mai mult decit orice, cind aud de marimea universului, si gindind logic, Creatorul universului ar trebui sa fie mult mai imens decit creatia lui! Paul Washer spunea ca viata vesnica este cunoasterea lui Dumnezeu, adica o vesnicie admirind infinitatea si frumusetea Lui, si in fiecare ” zi” avind privilegiul sa Il vedem , cum nu l-am mai vazut niciodata, si ziua urmatoare inca o noua relevatie, si asa ptr. vesnicie. …. Parca iti explodeaza creierul, cind te gindesti….
    On a funny note, Jesee Duplantis said that he saw God, and he saw Jesus , and Paul, and Abraham. If you want to entertain yourself just listen to this. It was one of the most idiotic and funny sermons i heard in my life time. And when you think that this clown was part of the Azuza Street centenial. No wonder the babtist think that some of the charismatic/ pentecostals are wacos.

    • rodi
      mart. 08, 2011 @ 07:15:46

      I am also fascinated by the immense universe and the complexity of trying to understand some of the great attributes of God, like how He has no beginning, how he is omniscient,omnipresent….you’re right, our brains feel like they can hardly entertain such knowledge and our knowledge here on earth is nothing compared to what it will be when God will give us full knowledge. Yeah that Duplantis video is a little wacky. always gets that way when we do not interpret through the lens of the word of God, and we should only preach based on the word. I don’t know if you had the chance to listen to Piper’s sermon from this past Sunday, but it is an awesome example that every preacher should know, about the passage in John that was most likely not in the original text and then watch what Piper decides to do with it and how he qualifies it. The man has God’s touch and the wisdom of Solomon. I have not heard anyone preach this way before. After you listen to it, maybe you would share it with the people you know who preach.This is the link-Neither do I condemn you http://wp.me/p1eavz-1qT

  2. Gabi bogdan
    mart. 08, 2011 @ 09:40:04

    I listen to Piper on tuesdays.
    Most of the people that preach around here don’t believe in transpiration , only in inspiration 🙂 . At least if they would believe in imitation, I would have a easier time listening to some 🙂

    • rodi
      mart. 08, 2011 @ 09:51:56

      This is a classic sermon, not just because John Piper only gives it once a decade, but the subject discussed is one of high interest-What to do with a text that was obviously added centuries later. He doesn’t shrink away from the facts, he consults the other best minds in the Christian contextual criticism realm and then still exegetes the text and preaches on it based on the fact that it represents the truth about Jesus. That struck me as highly wise, as opposed to those of us that maybe thought; Hey I won’t touch this text with a ten foot pole because it’s authenticity is in question, or those that think if they talk about the in-authenticity it will cause people to lose faith in the inspiration of the Bible.

      All preachers need to know this and watch how you preach in an instance like this one, where the text’s authenticity is in question. They should use this sermon as a text book example in all seminaries and Bible schools.
      May God give us the gift of John Piper for a long time to come! We can learn so much from him and his faithfulness to God.
      Lastly, cine nu primeste, scutura-ti picioarele de praf si mergi mai departe 🙂

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