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Tim Keller talks about ‘Reasons for God’ Excerpt:

looking out over the young crowd in his audience, Tim Keller states, „…when I was your age, which is a long time ago; everybody knew that the more technologically advanced the society got, the less religious they’d get. That’s what everybody thought they knew. And the more economically developed, the more educated people got, the more religionwas sort of going to thin out and the idea of a God and truth and miracles was going to sort of die out. Not- hardly anyone believes that anymore because, really, that’s not what’s happening. Instead, robust, orthodox, faith in God has gotten stronger in the world. It has gotten stronger in America. Secular thought has also increased, so we have a more polarized society.

But, you know, last week, the Pew foundation sent out its latest survey of the religious life of people in America and now Evangelical Pentecostals is the largest single category, bigger than mainline Protestants. bigger than Catholics. That would never- I can’t imagine that 30 years ago. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world to keep some things in mind, Africa has gone from 9% to 55% Christian in the last 100 years. Korea went from about 1% to 40% Christian in the hundred years while Korea was getting more technologically advanced.  The same thing has basically happened  in China. There are more Christians in China then there are in America, and this has been happening even as science has advanced.

So the old idea that somehow orthodox religion is sort of going to go away…It isn’t. It’s going to be here which means the only way we’re going to get along is we got to be able to get sympathetically into one another’s shoes. So if you don’t believe in God–you need to try to understand why anybody does or we’re not going to be able to work in a pluralistic society.You know, the new atheist books, Mr. Dawkins, Mr. Hitchens and company, when they say religion is bad, that’s not a new thesis…. continues into a 1 hour important lecture in this video:

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