–> Ravi Zacharias – Can Man Live Without God ?

Ravi Zacharias speaking to University students in Singapore, 2004.

Lecture on his book ‘Can man live without God?’ starts out with commentary on Nietzsche’s ‘God is dead statement’. Zacharias presents the 4 major struggles that  emerge from the elimination of the presence of God from a culture or individual’s life (atheism):

  1. no law ( if there is no objective frame of reference for a moral framework)
  2. no hope
  3. no meaning (of and for life)
  4. no recovery

Questions students ask and Ravi Zacharias answers (last 20 min.)

  1. What do you think would happen if there’s only one religion in the world; would there be less conflicts?
  2. You raised the question of atheists – Hitler and Stalin, two men who caused great evil, my objection is that it is not only creed that leads to evil, I think religion has also led to evil and suffering (mentioning Inquisition and Crusades and other religions like the Taliban). You state that somehow God creates an objective frames of morality. I disagree with that..student talks about free will…if God chose the moral framework, in that case you are subjecting them to the whim of a god, why not just remove the god from the framework?Who is God to the values I live by?
  3. I am not a christian and I want to bring up a few points of contention that I have against your message. What lies at the root of this debate is whether you believe in God or not.  I disagree with the underlying assumption that people who do not have a religious background cannot do something good for humanity. And, care you saying that rationality can only exist in morality? Why do I have to believe in God to find meaning in life?

Ravi Zacharias also recounts his attempted suicide at the age of 17, after which someone read the Bible to him (he would not read it himself yet) and after that point in his life, he came to belief in Christ.

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