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Francis Chan: The Joy of Suffering – Biola University Chapel

Francis Chan speaks to the Biola  University students in 2009. One standout illustrative part is when he compares our memorizing Scriptures with an example of his daughter’s obedience. You can read about Francis Chan’s recent decision to step down from his church to move to San Francisco and work with the inner city here.

Here is an update (March 14th) from Francis Chan:

Our friends in Iran are still in prison, so please keep praying for them…  Some have been released but others are still suffering.  Much of their time is spent in solitary confinement.  Please Pray.  Here’s a link to read more:

As far as my life, things continue to go supernaturally well.  God has been showing me His grace and love constantly.  Lisa’s pregnancy is healthy and we are expecting our baby girl in May.  We continue to get more settled in San Francisco, however, I have been traveling so much that I still don’t feel like I have „moved” yet.

In regards to our adoption, some things have changed.  We are still in the process of adoption, but we have decided to pursue a sibling set through the foster system.  We found out that Isaac, the child from China, was also sought after by a wonderful Christian family.  Rather than „competing” for the same child, we thought it best to pursue other children that no one wanted.  We found out that around 500 children in California are in need of adoption every month!  You can be praying for us as we pursue this.  You can also be praying for yourself, as God may be calling you to do the same.

I am very excited about some writing projects I am currently working on.  One in particular is a discipleship project I am creating with David Platt.  We have both been deeply concerned with the fact that so few who attend church services are obeying the great commission and making disciples.  We are working on creating a free resource that would equip all lay people to make disciples.  I believe deeply that the future of the church in America depends largely in all believers doing the work of discipleship and placing less of a burden on paid staff.  I believe our best days are ahead.

One thing that I have been thanking God for lately is how much enjoyment I am finding in prayer, study of His Word, and telling others about Christ.  It has been little about discipline and work, and more about desire.  It is great

„Oh God, you are my God; earnestly, I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”  Psalm 63:1to be in a season like this.

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