North Carolina Pastor loses job over his (non)belief in hell and eternal damnation

Are churches starting to hold Pastors accountable for their doctrine?

The United Methodist Church reports that a North Carolina Church’s members have asked their pastor, Chad Holtz to leave and he agreed to do so. From the United Methodist website:

A Facebook post questioning the existence of an eternal hell (plus some other liberal views he penned) proved to be a point of no return for a United Methodist student pastor and his rural North Carolina congregation.

However, there is more to the story than what has been widely reported about Chad Holtz’s departure from Marrow’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Henderson, N.C.

Holtz was reported to have lost his pulpit at Marrow’s Chapel after he posted a long Facebook note about losing belief in hell. He later also posted “What I Lost Losing Hell” on his personal blog.

In the March 2 post, he discussed how his shift in belief changed him. He also indicated support for a new book by the Rev. Rob Bell, an evangelical megachurch pastor in Grand Rapids, Mich., and critic of the traditional view that hell is a place of eternal torment for condemned souls.

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