Keith Green – The Story of a Radical Christian who was a friend of Leonard Ravenhill (a must read)

Meet Keith Green in this 1 1/2 minute video. Here is a brother in Christ that will challenge the way you think about yourself as a Christ follower. God took him home at the age of 28 but in the few short years he lived for Christ he impacted thousands of other people to not only follow Christ, but to devote their lives to spread the Gospel to the unsaved. If you are a Christian, this is one story you need to know (entirely). If you are not a Christian, you need to know this story too. Keith Green searched for religion in fame, drugs, the hippie culture, but in the end he found only Jesus could satisfy his soul, and he radically changed his life and devoted it entirely to Christ.

then a little bit more in this 7 minute video:

Keith Green- Go to the hungry ones

When Keith Green came to Christ, he believed he had to emulate Jesus and do everything Jesus did. When he preached on the streets, he brought home the homeless, the pregnant single teens and housed them, fed them and had bible study with them daily. This was normal Christianity to him. What an example he was. You can see the 60 minute documentary, narrated by his wife Melody, at the bottom of this page.

Go to the hungry ones and fill them with His bread,
They’ll leave their darkness as you shine the light He shed,
Point to His promises, believe in what He said,
And His joy will be manifest in you,
And the lost will be found as He works through you.

Out on the highways, there’s so many passing by,
Step out in boldness and watch the family multiply,
Pray up some miracles, lets open up the sky,
And His joy will be manifest to you,
And the lost will be found by the things you do.

Oh don’t you know that Jesus loves you,
So let’s go and spread His word,
Redeem the time while there’s still time,
Let’s share the call we heard, lets share the call we heard.

Is your house open to let strangers enter there,
Give to the least of them, show them someone cares,
And you may be entertaining Angels unaware,
And His joy may be manifest to you,
And the lost may be found as He works through you,
And His joy will be manifest in you,
And the lost, they’ll be found by the things you do.

Keith Green a radical Christian

His friend Leonard Ravenhill eulogized him at his funeral quoting something

Leonard Ravenhill (friend)

Keith Green fiercely struggled with : Are you living too much for time and not enough for eternity? (In spite of the exemplary way he was witnessing to people, Keith Green felt he was not doing enough). The next day at the burial, Leonard Ravenhill said, „Being yet dead, he speaketh.” There are two ways Keith speaks even today. One is through his recordings and two, is through the people he influenced for Jesus. Keith wanted people to know Jesus Christ personally in the way he had come to know Him.

An amazing story of a young man in the early 1970’s hippie culture, seeking spirituality in drugs, Eastern religions, and mysticism. In the end he started reading the red letter words of Jesus in the Bible, because he was attracted to the fact that Jesus said He was the only way and because he had read that all other teachers respected Jesus.

He would write in his journal one day, Jesus you are hereby accepted, but then found Christians unacceptable because they wanted him to believe the whole Bible and he only wanted to believe what Jesus said. By 1974 he was extremely confused and frustrated. His childhood friend asked him and his wife to attend an in home Bible study, which they weren’t too keen on; they felt they weren’t too keen on Christians, but they really liked the Jesus stuff. His friend dared him and his wife Melody to go, and so they did. The group was so crowded together and at the end when one of the leaders talked about how their sins could be cleansed and they could start with a fresh clean slate, Keith immediately accepted, never looked back, convinced he found the real thing. Keith felt like everything started new that night. His friends had never seen such a radical transformation, and immediately he started writing and singing for God.
But, his old fans were not happy at all. He started to sing and evangelize people. He prayed to the Lord to temper his radicalism so he could evangelize people without offending. He would tell his christian friends (the ones that invited them to the Bible studies) they needed to shape up their lives. He was like a bull in a china closet. He took the gospel seriously and had the audacity to put Christ’s teaching into practice.(Some of his songs reflect this-like the song- Churches asleep in the light).

He started bringing young lost kids off the street, where he taught them from the Bible and started writing and singing songs for Sparrow Records. He would chew people out when he would come out on stage when they would applaud for him.

His ministry grew so fast, they bought another home and rented 5 more homes because they actually took in homeless people, and evangelized them-mixing help of strays (single moms, homeless people) and discipleship of people that already knew the Lord.  Keith was the first to hold concerts nad not charge anything. He felt that was like selling the gospel. He challenged everybody to be in that ‘no compromise’  level. He next started an International Mission called Last Day Ministries.

In 1982 Keith Green dies in an airplane crash, along with two of his young children. He was only 28 years old. His messages were played on a screen at his funeral service and countless thousands committed their lives to missions because of Keith Green and 2 of those missions are still going strong today.

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