Mithra? Attis? Really, Rob Bell? by Dr. Oakley (Review of troubling Nooma video)

Dr. Oakley discusses one of Rob Bell’s Nooma videos in which he uses atheist data, most of which comes from a book titled ‘Christ and the Caesars’, written by Ethelbert Stauffer, a Universalist author (who makes some very grand claims and draws some grand conclusions without much supporting evidence.) The troubling part is that the book has no citations. Stauffer says a lot about how things were historically, but the only real evidence he cites is coinage from the time. The book was brought back out of print after Rob Bell talked about using this book in his research. Rob Bell believes Christianity copied pagan religions because he read a book?

Dr. Oakley states that this is nothing new, it is what is taught in Liberal Protestant seminaries. He also states that the modern movement (read emergent) finds absolutely no contentment in the clarity of the past; they seem to have a disdain for it. Dr. Oakley addresses some of the Rob Bell claims; the last one is shocking where Rob Bell ends the video with the statement-„You are the Good News; You are the Gospel” to his video audience.

Here is a link to a short essay on Mithra mythology.

Matthew  24:4  Jesus answered,“Watch out that no one deceives you.

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