Dr. Ravi Zacharias – Who is God ? from Bangalore, India

from Godworkstv – blip.tvBethel AG International Worship Centre is headed by Rev. Johnson Varghese. It is located in the garden city of Bangalore; India. Worship Services are conducted in languages, English and Kannada (20 minutes) Mentions a conversation with Francis Collins (who spear headed the project to to locate and map every gene in human DNA by 2003) at minute 17.

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  1. Madd Scientist
    sept. 18, 2011 @ 23:59:45

    I am very much disappionted that Dr.Zacharias refuses to answer my simple question. How could Francis Collins beleive in Creation and Evolution? It has to be either God or Darwin and not both. It has been 3 years and he has not answered me. His assistants,Danielle and Margaret tried to dodge the question. Noone has answered yet.President Obama dodged the question: When does life begin? I do not see any difference between President Obama and Dr.Zacharias in dodging the questions. Dr.Zacharias is supporting Francis collins who has lost his credibility by supporting Evolution for which there is no evidence. But, Collins has totally ignored the work of the geneticist Hamer because he is an atheist. Collins does not base the scientific merits without any bias. According to Collins,all atheists are bad scientists. Only those who believe in God are good. Collins cannot explain Genesis 1:22 where God created the species instantly. Dr.Zacharias is still endorsing Collins. This is unbelievable.

    • rodi
      sept. 19, 2011 @ 02:27:28

      As a Christian I believe the Holy Spirit teaches us and helps us understand, as we read God’s words in the Bible. Some folks believe in Christ yet unfortunately they do not hold to a literal interpretation of the Bible. As a Christian I also believe the Holy Spirit teaches us and helps us understand, as we read God’s words in the Bible. Collins was an atheist until his twenties, and became a scientist and as a scientist he founded BioLogos and surprisingly one of their statements is „Foundational to the BioLogos vision is the belief that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God. The Bible is a living document through which God, by his Spirit, continues to speak to the church today.” But then later on he quotes this single narrow passage, as to what his foundation believes: I Corinthians 15:1-5:
      Now, brothers, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand. By this gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain.
      For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve.

      But they are (considered) wrong in their interpretation of God using evolution as a ‘step’ in creation because it is a direct contradiction of the Genesis account. And in the last decade, some members are even pushing to reject Adam and Eve as historical figures, chipping away slowly at the Gospel from the fringes, a step away from denying original sin and then what need is there for the atoning death of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the only way to God.

      Unfortunately, there are a lot more christian leaders (and surprisingly many of them are older) that have fallen into the trap of supporting (BioLogos) Evolutionary beliefs (in the name of not appearing to be anti science or anti intellectual, so Ravi is not alone. It is a shame that men of God in leadership roles do not take responsibility to clearly rebuke unsound doctrine (some might say heresy) but it is a sign of the times where we see our mentors abandoning beliefs that have been held for thousands of years over ‘unproven modern secular theories’.

      Not sure I can ascertain where you stand on the issue (due to your Madd Scientist 🙂 ID) however kudos to you for holding „feet to the fire” over very obvious contradictions. By the way where did Ravi endorse Collins?… If you ever do get a response I would love for you to share it with me. Thanks for your time in stopping by and commenting.

  2. Madd Scientist
    sept. 19, 2011 @ 12:42:55

    Hello Rodi,
    I thought I was a lone ranger. I am so glad that there is someone else who shares my views. I am a former Atheist and an Evolutionist. I was asked to compromise my faith in order to obtain grants, power and position. This was on Transcendental Meditation. I was asked to be both the guinea pig as well as the research Investigator. I said,”NO”. My teaching and research assignments were cut off.I had to sit for 2 years (8hrs/eday) doing nothing. I had lost 2 graduate students. Zacharias preached a sermon in which Apostle paul and Peter were chained and brought before King Festus. They both refused to stop preaching the gospel.

    I wrote to Zacharais that I was in emotional chains when I stood before the Chancellor of the University and said, „NO” to this subjective research which would also force me to deny my faith in Christ. I was persecuted for my faith. I also wrote to Zacharias that Francis Collins (The most brilliant Molecular biologist) betrayed his Saviour by embracing Evolution. My question is: Why should God use evolution for creation? Is not God Omnipotent? After all what is Evolution? It is man’s attempt to explain away the life processes leading to various species. without any intervention of a Creator. This is made up of lot of speculations and assumptions. Similarity is not the sameness. My father and I look alike. But, we are not the same. Why is there limits on the Chromosomal numbers among all the species? In the biological system, there are only 4 base pairs of nucleotides and 20 amino acids. Francis Collins has totally forgotten the critical factor of Structure and Functional relationship. In our biological systems, there will be similarities in structure .Why? These structures are necessary for the expression of the same functions in various species. . Collins does not understand this at all. Just because the DNA sequence is identical, does not mean that they all evolved from the lower species. Why did God establish biological limits? It was open for Collins to hold on to his faith by simply stating that these are the marvels of God’s infinite wisdom in Creation. This is where he betrayed God. He is a career Scientist who cares the least for TRUTH. If only he had embraced Creation, his grants would have been cut off and he would be sitting in a box. But, for Collins, power,position and prestige are more important than Glorifying God. So, Collins had sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver.He was also rewarded for betraying our Saviour. He was given themost prestigious position of becoming the Director of National Institutes of Health. I met Zacharias in Colorado Springs 3 years ago. I talked to him and after his lecture, i asked why Collins believes in Evolution. I said, it has to be either Evolution or creation and not both. Zacharias in front of the audience said that Collins was his friend and that he would ask him. Well, I just reminded Zacharias last year. about what he told all of us. His assistant Danielle replid me with no substance. This year,i followed this up. Margaret sent me an article which was totally irrelevant. Zacharias is still dodging my question. Zacharias even wrote a compliment for Collin’s book,”THE LANGUAGE OF GOD”. That means Zacharias supports everything that was in the book. These men need to express some basic integrity , I could have become very successful if only I chose Molecular biology. I chose not to go there as I would be tempted to play God. Following Christ means taking our crosses and following Him in the midst of persecutions

  3. Madd Scientist
    sept. 19, 2011 @ 15:38:42


    I posted a detailed letter here for you. Please send mea n email.

    • rodi
      sept. 19, 2011 @ 22:39:44

      Your story is impressive and inspiring. God has called you out and he has given you the courage to be faithful even though it has hurt your career. May He continue to work in you and through you. As I have previously stated, it is disheartening to see men whom I consider to be men of God coming out with an unclear view of Biblical foundational doctrines. Collins came to Christ in his twenties and like other Bio Logos scientists, he could not take the leap to believe it all. And while no one can make a statement as to his personal salvation, he certainly hurts a lot of young people in the up and coming generations by making it ‘OK’ not to believe Genesis to be a literal, historical account. And slowly but surely the authority of the Word of God is being chipped away at.

      We don’t really know what Ravi Zacharias has discussed with Collins, so hopefully there have been conversations, and at least if there might have been conversations, maybe there’s a chance for Collins to rethink or reevaluate his stance. I grew up in communist Romania and remember first hand, droves of students not being allowed to attend universities unless they compromised their faith and disavowed their belief in Christ. Unfortunately there were many who did in fact negate their faith in Christ, thinking Christ would understand that they really don’t mean it, but it is the only way to beat the system. There were in fact many Pastors who worked hand in hand with the communists in order to keep their positions too. What a sad testimony and not to mention totally unbiblical.

      So, I think that you deserve much admiration for approaching Ravi Zacharias and making a stand, and don’t be disheartened because things could change in the future. Pray to God seriously for Him to use you in the position he wants you in and don’t ever give up. If the doors closed for you at the University, God may have a bigger and better plan for your life. Thanks for sharing a very uplifting story! God bless you!

  4. Madd Scientist
    sept. 20, 2011 @ 23:00:01

    Hello Rodi,I do not know which country you live in. In the united states, people have no idea of what it means to be persecuted. I have read some horror stories of persecution. Brother Andrew paid heavy price for the sake of Gospel in Romania This happens in every country. I do not know if you had seen the documentary made by Bern Stein (Expelled) This DVD describes how faculty members were fired for their belief in creation.

    Anyway few weeks ago, Zacharias attacked me indirectly over the Radio. He made a very sarcastic remark on Hamer’s work abd laughed along with the audience. Zacharias missed the point. He dismissed his work as all the spiritual experiences are controlled by few chemicals. Zacharias does not understand that all our spiritual experiences are mediated by Chemicals . This is serious. The spiritual experiences are not isolated. They are always associated with emotions The emotional events are mediated by the chemicals. These have been experimentally verified. Zacharias stopped here. I strongly support the work of Hamer though he is an atheist. His research work deserves merit. However, no one has ever produced spiritual experiences through drug, electrical or chemical stimulation. It will never happen. Spiritual and emotional experiences are mediated by chemicals in the brain. On the other hand these chemicals can never simulate the spiritual experiences. Zacharias is dead wrong here.

    2 weeks ago, Zacharias defended Collins and it was lame. Zacharias appeared to be critical of Collins. He said, ” I am not comfortable with Collin’s position on Cosmology. This is an unnecessary statement. Who cares about Collin’s position on Cosmology? Collins is not an astronomer. Collins is a molecular biologist. If Zacharias is honest, he should have commented on Collins position on Evolution. The issue here is Collins position on Evolution which is totally flawed. Zachariias selectively ignored this and this is hypocrisy.
    Regarding Collins, I have read few of his books on philosophy. This man is a brilliant scholar. He poses compelling arguments regarding Christian faith. It is hard for me to understand how he could be wrong on Genesis 1:22. I am sure he understands this very well. Then why is he contradicting the facts? This is where the problem is. The answer is, Collins is a Career Scientist. In order to succeed, he must support the secular position though it is wrong. He did it. He was rewarded. Truth does not matter to him. Plain and simple. .

    • rodi
      sept. 21, 2011 @ 00:03:03

      Il live in the United States, but lived my childhood in Romania and cherish my country’s heritage of persecution among the people of God. I think your plight (or I should say fight for biblical truth) is a type of persecution as universities are discriminating against Christians who hold to a literal interpretation of the Bible, as you cannot pass a class unless you hold to the truths of evolution, they give no alternative. And, I think that it is fortunate that God has guided us through this issue and given us the spirit of truth and discernment not to bow to the winds that are sweeping through the church today. May God keep you grounded and fighting the good fight because ultimately Paul said to „Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” (1 Timothy 6:12) and in Matt 24:13 Jesus states „But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”

      All Christians grow in their faith as they read the Word and pray over it, so we can pray for Francis Collins too(who is a brilliant scientist) that he may fully know Christ and His power, and if God’s will is for him to do so, the day will come when he will.

  5. Madd Scientist
    sept. 21, 2011 @ 20:23:32

    Rodi, you are the only person who has expressed compassion,empathy and all the encouragement I needed. I cannot thank you enough for this. I am alone ranger in away. Last year, out of desperation I cried out to God: „God, where are you? I cannot take this anymore” . He spoke to me loud and clear,”Son, you have chosen the narrow and the difficult path no one wants to tread. No one will understand you. It is going to be you and me. I will always be with you and guide you. I will never forsake you. So, just follow me” .Immediately after this, I talked to my pastor. This is what he said,” Phil, I cannot understand you”. He had confirmed what God spoke to me.

    Regarding Collins, he is not only a brilliant molecular biologist, but, he is also a learned scholar. His writings on philosophy are intriguing. I cannot imagine how a former atheist of his caliber cannot ascribe the complxities and mysteries of creation to the Intelligent designer. But, he has embraced the Godless unsubstantiated theory of evolution which is only based on suppositions and extrapolations with very little scieitific evidence. Well, I have figured this out. He knows verywell that he is wrong on his views on evolution. Yet he has embraced this view. Why? Because he is a career scientist whose only concern is to earn favor from the elitists who will give him power,prestige and money. Only when he supports evolution, he will get his research grants in the elites club dominated by secularists. If he embraced Creation, they would put him in a box and cut off all his grants that he could not survive. So, he had consciously made a choice to advance his carrier by betraying the mysteries of Creation by God of infinite wisdom and power. He has sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver. To him TRUTH does not matter.

    Oneday, he along with Zacharias will stand before God. What answer will they both give to God for betraying their faith in the omnipotent Creator?They can talk alot about theology, apologetics,philosophy etc. The bottom line is: God gave them so much. What have they given back to God? Not much. They have ignored the giver and are relishing the gifts. God will certainly challenge Zacharias for dodging my question. Please check my website: http://www.divyalabs.samsbiz.com

    • rodi
      sept. 22, 2011 @ 10:59:48

      That is impressive work you are doing and what’s even more impressive is your life story and commitment to Christ. Like you I cannot understand people who believe the Bible is the word of God and then proceed to divvy it up into stories that are myth and stories that are literal. The Bible says that the human heart is the most deceitful of all things and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9) So why would I entrust my heart to make a judgement and pronounce parts of the Bible as myth? Why even embrace the Bible if I can only believe some of it? If I trust God I can believe all of it.
      However, in the end, God knows what is in man’s heart. We all have flawed judgement and belief when we first come to Christ, but through teaching (either through the church or through reading material and most especially through the Holy Spirit working in us we come to grasp the Gospel message. And there is a big difference between a new believer who just hasn’t had the experience of reading through the Bible and doing some Bible study and someone else who makes interpretation in order to support sin or a sinful lifestyle. That’s why Jesus says that in the end many will say „Lord, Lord haven’t we done works in Your name… and the Lord will tell them that He never knew them.(Matthew 7) That makes me shudder because when Jesus says many, these are people who actually think they are saved, but obviously are not.
      I pray for Ravi Zacharias because he is a strong pillar of support for college kids everywhere who are strong enough to stand up for their faith across the nation at the Universities that are 99% secular. Apologetics is not highly valued by the Church, but for those attending or who have children that attend it becomes the difference in a young person’s life as to whether their faith survives and is strengthened or they give up and lose their faith completely. So I think we need more Ravi Zacharias’s and my hope is that if he told you he would address this issue, that in fact he did (and I wouldn’t expect him to be public about it )because he seems to be a man of great integrity.

  6. Add Scientist
    sept. 23, 2011 @ 23:01:48

    Collins believes that humans are identical to Chimpanzees by 95-99%. According to him, in the recent evolutionary past, if the common ancestry was shared by chimpanzees and man, the 2 genomes did not have any time to deviate from one another. However, this is being challenged. A recent study on the Y chromosome showed that the human sample is considerably different from the Chimpanzee. This data is a challenge to the claim of Collins that the human and the Chimpanzee genomes are 99% identical.

    Chromosome 2 fusion model is the subject of this controversy. 2 small apelike chromosomes resulted in the human chromosome 2 which explains the difference in the chromosome numbers between humans and apes. (Fan.Y et al 2002. Genome Research 12(11) 1651-1662) The fusion site on human chromosome2 is located in a different position than predicted by the fusion model. Telomere sequences in humans normally consist of thousands of repetition of the standard 6 base sequence TTAGGG. It was observed that this hypothetical region of fusion is completely degenerate and vaguely represents anything close to intact and fused telomeres. At the purported fusion site, there is a very small number of intact telomere sequences and very few of them are in the proper reading frame. The small number of randomly interspersed telomere sequences ,both forward (TTAGGG) and reverse (CCCTAA) which populate both sides of the fusion site do not indicate the sequence of fused chromosomes assuming that an end to end fusion really occurred.

    The 798 base core sequence surrounding the fusion site is not exclusive to the fusion site, but is found throughout the human genome with similar sequences located on every chromosome. This means, the site of fusion is a commonly occurring fragment of DNA in the human genome. In the chimpanzee genome, no positionally corresponding regions of sequence for the human fusion site were found. The 798 base core fusion site sequence was not found to align with any corresponding regions in the chimpanzee genome. The sequence was dissimilar in the chimpanzee. The use of 2 different DNA matching Algorithms (BLAST) and (BLASTN) did not give any conclusive results. The cryptic Centro mere on the human chromosome 2 like the fusion site is in avery different location to that predicted by the fusion. The DNA alphoid sequences at the cryptic Centro mere site are very diverse and form 2 different sub groups. They do not match any known functional human centromeric alphoid elements. The alphoid sequences are very common throughout the human genome. However, some types of alphoid sequences are not associated with centromeres. That means there is very little probability of the alphoid sequences being part of an old deactivated cryptic Centro mere.

    No matter what the evolutionists insist that chromosome 2 fusion model supports a chimpanzee- human common ancestor, there is no supporting data.

    In spite of all these negative findings, Collins still insists that the chimpanzees are our ancestors. What about Genesis 1:22 which emphatically states that we the humans and thecimpanzees were created separately at an instant?
    According to Collins, God is wrong and Darwin is right.

    • rodi
      sept. 23, 2011 @ 23:24:44

      Even though your explanation probably goes right over our (collective) heads (those of us who are not scientists) it is a stark reminder that believing in evolution does in fact mean one believes that humans have a chimpanzee origin, which requires so much more faith. Because you have to believe that God had to make a monkee first and then make the monkee evolve (a long drawn out process) but you can’t believe he could just outright make man. You are right in the fact that belief in evolution vs. creation negates God’s omnipotency-BIG TIME. It reminds me of the verse-Because that which the world deems foolish in God is wiser than men’s wisdom…(1 Cor. 1:25)

  7. Madd Scientist
    sept. 24, 2011 @ 10:44:13

    Rodi, the fact is Darwin had hijacked Science and this is terrible. Before Darwin most of the scientists were creationists. There has been a sudden shift in the belief system. This is the basis for all our cultural wars. The war is not between Science and Religion. The war is between God and the socalled Scientists.

    What I wrote in my last blog is where Collins is wrong. I hope he will read this and understand where he went wrong.

    Anyway, you had asked for some prayers. i have prayed. Can you be little bit more specific on this please?

    • rodi
      sept. 24, 2011 @ 15:35:18

      I don’t know that someone of Collins’ caliber spend any time on the internet reading what is said about him, but you never know.

      The prayer/petition post was a post with quotes from Friedman, however, yes, in fact I do need prayer support for my dad who has been through an extended illness and chemotherapy treatments, and who should be feeling much better, however the recovery seems very slow. He just turned 75, has served as unpaid pastor to the Romanian immigrant community, working tirelessly in the position for over 2 decades and I am petitioning God that if it be His will, to restore his health completely. My dad still intends to serve God in whatever capacity he can for as long as he can. I know many people and churches that are praying for him, but I would appreciate it if you would too.

      My other prayer is for all the christian youth that are in colleges and universities across the US; that God may protect them from what is going to be the toughest time of their lives as they encounter the pervasive secular professors’ indoctrination and sometime ridicule of their belief system. Having had one child deal with this issue, I know the struggles the students face not only in keeping their faith, but in taking the consequences when they speak out and differ with the secular worldview and some may even have their grades affected by it. I think parents are blindsided by this issue, that is, if they inquire as to their children’s spiritual health once that child is out of the house. Thank you for your offer of prayer. May God’s mercy be upon us.

  8. Madd Scientist
    sept. 24, 2011 @ 17:27:14

    Rodi, I have lots of recipes for fruit and vegetable juices that have been tested and found to be very effective in arresting even terminal cancer. I want to send them to you so that you can help your father. . Please contact me: http://www.divyalabs.samsbiz.com
    I will send them to you.

  9. Madd scientist
    sept. 26, 2011 @ 22:31:26

    Rodi,I have lots of recipes that have been found to arrest the spread of terminal cancer. I want to send them to you for your father. Where can I send them?

    • rodi
      sept. 26, 2011 @ 22:47:57

      I sent you an email. If by chance I sent it to the wrong address, mine is rodiagnusdei @ gmail.com (without the spaces) Thank you so much, I really appreciate this!

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