Batalia de la poarta ochilor tai, Nelu Brie, Pastor Biserica Penticostala Sibiu (1 of 4)

pastor nelu brieNelu Brie din Biserica Penticostala Emanuel Sibiu, și lector universitar la Institutul Teologic Penticostal din București

(unde preda o varietate de cursuri), si numeroase actiuni de predicare si evanghelizare pe tot cuprinsul tarii si in Europa., predica tinerilor si familiilor despre bataliile care se dau, si incep de la poarta ochilor.

Prima batalie e pentru identitatea spirituala-sint doua grupuri: Copii lui Dumnezeu si copii diavolului. Fiecare apartinem unuia dintre aceste doua grupuri. Nu exista al treilea grup.

Video a disparut de pe youtube.


Alte articole/predici – Pastorul Nelu Brie-

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  1. Gabi
    apr. 06, 2011 @ 01:00:51

    Nelu Brie , sibian de al meu. I have to listen to this.Can I find it on mp3 somewhere?
    Can you believe Andrei Croitoru closed down his Blog? He had one of the best blogs with very interesting articles. Cruceru said that Andrei is only 23?
    He seams very mature for his age.

    • rodi
      apr. 06, 2011 @ 09:33:02

      Pastor Brie is a dynamic preacher; my dad met him at ITP a few years ago and saw that he certainly had a calling from God, even back then.
      Try inserting this link in your mp3 player and see if it works: If not, google for a converter from video to mp3 and use that link. Let me know if you come across some easy to use (not too many megabytes) program that converts.
      I tried this converter, but it did not completely download to my computer (
      It is unfortunate for us that Andrei is stepping away from his blog, Like you, I read it often, and was (very pleasantly surprised) to know he is only 22 yrs old and has such an understanding of theological issues. God only knows what He has in store for Andrei, and if God wills-he may be back blogging again, he underestimates the need for Romanian bloggers with a high view of Scripture and a zeal for God exalting teaching. That in itself was a preaching ministry for him, that he probably wouldn’t have otherwise had, since my understanding from his articles, he is attending Emmanuel University.

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