Panel Discussion At Revival Forum 1989 (Ravenhill,Beasley,Sutera,McLeod,Feshenfeld)

I cam across this video at Youtube sermoncentral when I discovered Iosif Ton’s video on CommunismBrutal persecution in Romania‘. Iosif Ton attended this conference with the Revivalist preachers of the world.

The sound quality is not the best, however, the panel discussion by the Revival preachers of the world by 1989 is an important discussion that proves the timeless power of the Gospel and the carnality of man is the same from genertaion to generation. The answer today to the problem today is the same -the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Life Action Conference in 1989. Conference panel:

  1. Ralph Sutera- had impact on revival in early 1970’s in Canada; started Canadian Revival Fellowship
  2. Manley Beasley – Baptist Revival preacher, preached throughout the world for 30 yrs (by 1989)
  3. Leonard Ravenhill – author and Revivalist in United States, impacted the world.
  4. Bill McLeod – Revival preacher throughout the world, from Canada since the 70’s
  5. Del Feshenfeld Jr. –

Videourile Vodpod nu mai sunt disponibile.

1st collector for YouTube – Panel Discussion At Revival Forum 89
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    mai 06, 2011 @ 15:50:45

    Сейчас я встану у этой видеокамеры и скажу, смотрите сюда:

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