The Veritas Forum: Belief in an Age of Skepticism? Tim Keller at University of California at Berkeley (essential apologetics)

Tim Keller speaking to University students for 1 1/2 hours at UC Berkeley. He addresses difficult questions with intellectual integrity. Professor of economics (Phd from MIT) Paul A Ruud, introduces Tim Keller, founder of Redeemer Church in Manhattan, New York and author of many books.As always, Tim takes questions from the university students for the latter half of the program.Tim Keller starts with the main reasons why people are skeptical of belief in God, in general and Christianity, in particular.”The one reason people today are skeptical is because they believe that for someone to say, ‘I know God, I have the truth’, is too exclusive a way of speaking in a pluralistic society filled with all kinds of views and religions. and it’s also too divisive in a Democratic society because „People”, it is said, „that say they know God and they have the truth, feel impelled (they can’t help themselves) to impose those beliefs on us, at least legislatively by law and in some cases to really oppress and marginalize people.Now, how do you justify then, belief in God and especially the most of all religious claim that says- Jesus Christ is the one true way to God?

Tim Keller talks about the 5 strategies that people (especially New atheists like Dawkins et al ) use to address exclusive truth claims and divisiveness of religion. They try to:

  1. Hope it away
  2. Outlaw it
  3. Explain it away
  4. Argue it away
  5. Privatize it

Tim Keller explains point by point why that will not work and talks about a different way forward.

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