Exodus Decoded – History Channel Documentary

an excellent documentary (via)

The Exodus Decoded is a 2006 History Channel documentary created by Israeli-Canadian filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici and the producer/director James Cameron. The documentary explores evidence for the Biblical account of the Exodus. Its claims and methods were widely criticized both by Biblical scholars and by mainstream scientists.

Jacobovici suggests that the Exodus took place around 1500 BC, during the reign of pharaoh Ahmose I, and that it coincided with the Minoan eruption. In the documentary, the plagues that ravaged Egypt in the Bible are explained as having resulted from that eruption and a related limnic eruption in the Nile Delta. While much of Jacobovici’s archaeological evidence for the Exodus comes from Egypt, some comes from Mycenae on mainland Greece, such as a gold ornament that somewhat resembles the Ark of the Covenant.

The documentary makes extensive use of computer animation and visual effects made by Gravity Visual Effects, Inc., based in Toronto. It runs for 90 minutes and was first aired in Canada on April 16, (Easter Day) 2006 (Discovery Channel Canada). Shown in the US on August 20, 2006 (History Channel US), UK on December 23, 2006 (Discovery Channel UK) and Spain on December 25, 2006 (Cuatro). (via) Wikipedia.

After you watch the documentary- For another perspective (the comments made on site are more interesting to me than the article’s argumentation) read a review from Biblearchaeology.org

Wikipedia also has a good summation of Jacobovici’s Egyptian and Mycenaean arguments and some critical analysis gathered from reviews of archaeologists and Biblical scholars.
All in all, (and although this documentary is based on Jacobovici’s studies and theories) still an outstanding documentary that takes you through the Moses and Jacobean age, confirms what the Bible claims, and is a worthwhile video to watch.

VIDEO by Igor Martins

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