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Here are several links to many other David Platt sermonsJohn Piper and David Platt at the 2011 SBC Annual Meeting

John Piper Interview: June 14,2011

1st collector for John Piper Interviews David Platt – Desiring God
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Incarnation Series

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Secret Church Series

Theology of the Cross (3 videos)

  1. Last Supper
  2. Ghetsemane
  3. the Cross

Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare (4 videos)

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David Platt:What Happens to Those Who Never Hear the Gospel – Romans 15:20-24 – Essential Sermon

One of the best biblical, theological explanations on what happens to people who never hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and very convicting as well (for those that have not studied the implications of universalism). Sermon preached at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminar.

He expounds on 7 truths:

  1. All people know God, the Father.
  2. All people reject true knowledge of God.
  3. There are no innocent people in the world.
  4. All people are condemned for rejecting God.
  5. God has made a way of salvation for the lost.
  6. People cannot come to God apart from faith in Christ.
  7. Christ commands the Church to take the Gospel, to preach the Gospel to all people.

a 10 minute video on the subject of God and sin and sinners:

David Platt – God hates and loves sinners from Rodica on Vimeo.

David Platt discusses what is not a solution to passing the Gospel- things such as new programs, new fads, new type ministries, cooler personalities, pizza parties, etc. which have proven to be extremely ineffective to stem the tide of young people from walking away from their faith after their high school years.

The answer? the most effective way to pass the Gospel on to the next generation:

  1. The word must be foundational. We must be Biblical men and women. We want the Gospel to empower what ever we do not the other way around.
  2. Families must be strong. The stronger our marriages are and our parents are (God centered) and the church must be accountable…

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The Cost of Following Jesus by David Platt, author of ‘Radical’

David Platt is Pastor of Brook Hills Church of Birmingham, Alabama.              Dr. David Platt, 32, is deeply devoted to Christ and His Word. David’s first love in ministry is disciple-making—the simple biblical model of teaching God’s Word, mentoring others and sharing faith. He has traveled extensively to teach the Bible and church leaders throughout the United States and around the world. Atlanta natives, he and his wife, Heather, made their home in New Orleans until they were displaced by flooding following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

David holds a deep and abiding passion for global disciple-making. „I believe that God has uniquely created every one of His people to impact the world. Some may count it as idealistic, but I believe it is thoroughly biblical, rooted in Psalm 67:1-2, yet covering Scripture from beginning to end. God is in the business of blessing His people so that His ways and His salvation might be made known among all people.”

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A Chronicle of Redemption-Part 7:Redemption Proclaimed by a New Covenant People David Platt on Romans 9

Romans 9 (English Standard Version)

God’s Sovereign Choice

1 I am speaking the truth in Christ—I am not lying; my conscience bears me witness in the Holy Spirit— 2that I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart. 3For I could wish that I myself were accursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers, my kinsmen according to the flesh. 4They are Israelites, and to them belong the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship, and the promises. 5To them belong the patriarchs, and from their race, according to the flesh, is the Christ who is God over all,blessed forever. Amen.

6But it is not as though the word of God has failed. For not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel, 7and not all are children of Abrahambecause they are his offspring, but „Through Isaac shall your offspring be named.” 8This means that it is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted as offspring. 9For this is what the promise said:”About this time next year I will return, and Sarah shall have a son.” 10And not only so, but also when Rebekah had conceived children by one man, our forefather Isaac, 11though they were not yet born and had done nothing either good or bad—in order that God’s purpose of election might continue, not because of works but because of him who calls— 12she was told, „The older will serve the younger.” 13As it is written, „Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.”

14What shall we say then? Is there injustice on God’s part? By no means! 15For he says to Moses, „I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.” 16So then it depends not on human will or exertion, but on God, who has mercy. 17For the Scripture says to Pharaoh, „For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I might show my power in you, and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” 18So then he has mercy on whomever he wills, and he hardens whomever he wills.

19You will say to me then, „Why does he still find fault? For) who can resist his will?” 20But who are you, O man, to answer back to God? Will what is molded say to its molder, „Why have you made me like this?” 21 Has the potter no right over the clay, to make out of the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for dishonorable use? 22What if God, desiring to show his wrath and to make known his power, has endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, 23in order to make known the riches of his glory for vessels of mercy, which he has prepared beforehand for glory— 24even us whom he has called, not from the Jews only but also from the Gentiles? 25As indeed he says in Hosea,

„Those who were not my people I will call ‘my people,’
and her who was not beloved I will call ‘beloved.'”
26 „And in the very place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’
there they will be called ‘sons of the living God.'”

27And Isaiah cries out concerning Israel: „Though the number of the sons of Israel[c] be as the sand of the sea,only a remnant of them will be saved, 28for the Lord will carry out his sentence upon the earth fully and without delay.” 29And as Isaiah predicted,

„If the Lord of hosts had not left us offspring,
we would have been like Sodom
and become like Gomorrah.”

Israel’s Unbelief

30What shall we say, then? That Gentiles who did not pursue righteousness have attained it, that is, a righteousness that is by faith; 31but that Israel who pursued a law that would lead to righteousness did not succeed in reaching that law. 32Why? Because they did not pursue it by faith, but as if it were based on works. They have stumbled over the stumbling stone, 33as it is written,

„Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense;
and whoever believes in him will not be put to shame.”
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(‘Radical’ author) David Platt on Rob Bell and the church – „Intellectual universalism is dangerous” but „functional universalism is worse.”

Dr. David Platt in India.

(source of quote in title here)

For those at Brook Hills (or beyond) who may not be familiar with recent debate concerning Rob Bell and universalism, there is much discussion at present among professing Christians concerning whether or not those without Christ will really experience eternal damnation when they die. I offer some thoughts here from India. Yes, let’s fight universalism with our words. But let’s also fight universalism with our lives.

Do We Really Believe What We’re Saying? from The Church at Brook Hills on Vimeo.

David Platt on his journey through India (March 18 update)

Overwhelming lostness. These are the only words that come to my mind when I consider what we witnessed at the Ganges River. According to Hinduism, the Ganges is the most sacred of all rivers. The “holiest” cities of Hinduism rest along its banks. Every year, scores of Hindus travel to the Ganges to wash themselves in its water. By simply washing in the Ganges, they believe that they can be cleansed of all evil and receive passage into heaven. Last year, in one month alone, during the festival of Kumbha Mela, over 50 million Hindus traveled near to the place where I am standing in this video below to bathe in the Ganges. Ironically, this river is considered by others to be one of the dirtiest rivers of the world. A recent article in The Economist called the Ganges River a “brown soup of excrement and industrial effluents.”

All of this to say…it was overwhelming to come to this site and to see masses of people—from all over India and around the world—flocking to filthy water that they hope will cleanse them from all their sin and sickness. As I looked across the river, I was gripped by the grace of Christ, whose blood alone can wash away sin, and I was overwhelmed by the need of those whose minds have been so blinded from seeing the salvation that only comes from Him.

We were not able to stay at the Ganges long, for we were on the way to catch a plane to another city. We have now arrived at this other city in eastern India, and we are about to go into a very poor, rural here to gather together with about 400-500 villagers. As you go to bed this evening, we will be going out to preach the gospel in this village. Amidst overwhelming lostness, please pray that God will show His power in the gospel by cleansing people of all their sin through the blood of Christ today.

“In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:4-5

Ganges River from The Church at Brook Hills on Vimeo.

Watch David Platt sermon ‘The Cost of Following Jesus by David Platt, author of ‘Radical’” href=”https://rodiagnusdei.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/the-cost-of-following-jesus-by-david-platt-author-of-radical/” target=”_blank”>The cost of following Jesus‘ at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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