Mars Hill Church Easter Celebration 2011 at Qwest Stadium – Video – Full Service

Over 17,500 people gathered on Sunday, April 24 at Qwest Field in Seattle to hold the largest church service to ever take place in the Pacific Northwest. Pastor Mark Driscoll preached on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This video features the full Easter service footage, including music and over 680 baptisms.

Click image for the Easter Service video.

Here is the full video (90 minutes) of the Mars Hill Easter Service 2011, including water baptisms and Christ centered preaching by Mark Driscoll. To God be the glory!

You can view pictures of the event on the Mars Hill’s Flickr page.

Link to FULL SERVICE video –

To watch the 38 minute video  sermon (ONLY) of Pastor Mark Driscoll click here.

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