NEXT – David Platt, May 2011 – Psalm 78 -Passing the Gospel to the next generation

David Platt discusses what is not a solution to passing the Gospel- things such as new programs, new fads, new type ministries, cooler personalities, pizza parties, etc. which have proven to be extremely ineffective to stem the tide of young people from walking away from their faith after their high school years.

The answer? the most effective way to pass the Gospel on to the next generation:

  1. The word must be foundational. We must be Biblical men and women. We want the Gospel to empower what ever we do not the other way around.
  2. Families must be strong. The stronger our marriages are and our parents are (God centered) and the church must be accountable… Families play a role but Jesus gave the Great Commission to the Church because families are temporary, but the Church is eternal.

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