David Platt – What Happens to Those Who Never Hear the Gospel – Romans 15:20-24 – Essential Sermon

One of the best biblical, theological explanations on what happens to people who never hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and very convicting as well. Sermon preached at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminar.

He expounds on 7 truths:

  1. All people know God, the Father.
  2. All people reject true knowledge of God.
  3. There are no innocent people in the world.
  4. All people are condemned for rejecting God.
  5. God has made a way of salvation for the lost.
  6. People cannot come to God apart from faith in Christ.
  7. Christ commands the Church to take the Gospel, to preach the Gospel to all people.

This video is very popular (on Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s site) and may be slow at certain times of the day. Start play. Then stop for a few minutes. Then start play again. (Vimeo video is high def. and takes a bit longer to download).

In awe of creation – Rolling clouds time lapse over Canary Islands (Filmare excelenta din Insulele Canary, Coasta Spaniei)

From NASA’a website Astronomy Picture of the Day website:

Time Lapse Clouds and Sky Over the Canary Islands
Credit & Copyright: Daniel López, IAC; Music: Matti Paalanen, Angel’s Tear (Aeon 2)

Explanation: If you could sit back and watch clouds and the sky move all night and day, what might you see? One answer from the island of Tenerife, captured over the course of the year, includes sequences that are not only breathtaking but instructive. Visible in the above time-lapse movie include clouds that seem to flow like water, a setting sun that shows numerous green flashes, the Milky Way Galaxy rising behind towering plants, a colorful double fogbow, lenticular clouds that appear stationary near their mountain peaks, and colorful moon coronas. The above video was shot solely from the Teide National Park on Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain, off the north west coast of Africa.
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In awe of creation – Rolling clouds time lapse …
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ESTI CEL MAI FRUMOS-Cristian Cornea – Excellent Romanian Song – Lord you are beautiful

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Peniel ConferintaTinerilor 2010 Targu Mures- Transformari – Predica Cristian Barbosu + o marturie impresionanta

Filmarea contine:

  • Minutul 1-45 Cintari cu Peniel Band (frumoase)
  • Minutul 45 – 1:30-predica Cristian Barbosu
  • Minutul 1:30-1:57 predica Florin, un tinar boxer cu succes, care a fost inchis si condamnat la 11 ani. A fost eliberat,si-a reluat viata veche. La 23 de ani a luat parte la citeva meciuri box la K1. A ajuns in piramida celor 8 cei mai buni sportivi din Romania. zintr-o zi mama lui i-a spus ca Dumnezeu i-a descoperit ca el va fi acuzat pentru o crima pe nedrept, dar i-a spus ca Dumnezeu il va scapa. Cind s-a intimplat exact ce Dumnezeu i-a descoperit mamei lui,a  inteles ca Dumnezeu ii vorbeste clar si nu ar putea sa il refuze. Atunci si-a predat viata Domnului si a lasat viata veche de pofte si placeri in urma.  Florin este acum membru la Biserica Metanoia Arad, pastorita de fratele Cristian Barbosu.

partea 1/4 din album DVD via AlfaOmegaTV
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