Diary of John Wesley – Introduction and Chapter 1

Excerpts from a fascinating, devoted Christian preacher who founded Methodism, and influenced the modern Pentecostal movement.

John Wesley (28 June  1703 – 2 March 1791) was a Church of England cleric and Christian theologian. Wesley is largely credited, along with his brother Charles Wesley, as founding the Methodist movement which began when he took to open-air preaching in a similar manner to George Whitefield. In contrast to George Whitefield’s Calvinism, Wesley embraced the Arminian doctrines that were dominant in the 18th-century Church of England. Methodism in both forms was a highly successful evangelical movement in the United Kingdom, which encouraged people to experience Jesus Christ personally.

Wesley’s writing and preachings provided the seeds for both the modern Methodist movement and the Holiness movement, which encompass numerous denominations across the world. In addition, he refined Arminianism with a strong evangelical emphasis on the Reformed doctrine of justification by faith.

Written by Wesley’s own hand, it gives a tremendous insight to the man.

Below is an Introduction and the 1st Chapter -a couple of the highlights are Wesley’s trip to the United States, and his evangelism of the Indians (interesting conversation with an Indian leader shows that certain  sins know no boundaries in time) .

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  1. Gabi Bogdan
    iun. 04, 2011 @ 04:29:58

    this is a must read. I have to buy this. Besides reading our biblies, we are commanded by Pavel to read biographies
    Hebrew 13
    7 Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. 8

    • rodi
      iun. 04, 2011 @ 13:08:08

      Definitely buy the book, and it makes a great gift to others who preach.
      Just a few of the amazing things in the first chapter.
      1-On his sail to Georgia in America, he learns German in order to preach to 26 Germans on board, and then he learned Spanish in order to converse with some Jewish people in his town who spoke Spanish(weird in a way that these Jews did not speak Hebrew, but spoke Spanish). This is on top of having learned to read the Scriptures in the original languages.
      2-The Indians who came to Wesley asking to be taught the Bible, because they decided they will no more be baptized first and then learn the Bible, as the Spaniard Catholics had done to them.
      3- Coming up, he gets sued (as in lawsuit) for asking someone’s niece to change her outward behavior in order to be able to partake at the Lord’s table.
      Eventually Wesley winds up leaving and going back to England and there he meets some people who have a profound impact upon him,
      GEORGE BOHLER – you will be surprised at that encounter that puts Wesley on the right track (especially as Wesley is struggling with some faith issues) and Calvinist George Whitefiled (the first open air / street preacher whom Wesley says of in his diary after a meeting – God gave us sweet counsel together- (WOW – Wesley said that of Calvinist George Whitefield?, obviously we claim Wesley as our heritage, but we know not his life or his story)
      Oh, and by the way, he gets thrown out of church after church because his message is just too much 🙂
      By all means buy this book. My version – The Heart of Wesley’s Journal (Introduction by Robert E. Coleman) is almost 500 pages long, and you will probably not want to start it until you have enough free time, because you will not put this book down til the end.
      I owe a debt of gratitude to my dad, for this and many other books that are a tremendous joy to read.
      One more thing on biographies. The Bible is one huge biography, and of course nothing can be added to it, however, the Holy Spirit is not done writing the biography of mankind and if we are climbing this mountain called life, why wouldn’t we want to read all the biography available to us, including of those who llived in similar times and places as ourselves?
      This would be a great book to translate…

      • Gabi Bogdan
        iun. 05, 2011 @ 01:48:48

        sounds very interesting. I usually read a big book every year. Last year I read Grudam’s Systematic Theology. This year i might read Wesley, i have a hunch that people that are claiming him these days do not really know what he really believed.
        If you have time on CI blog there is a discussion around the baptism with the Spirit and salvation trough faith alone or salvation by faith and works. I was really surprised on some people stand on this subject.
        Apropo de Wesley, I am not sure if you saw this

        • rodi
          iun. 05, 2011 @ 16:27:39

          or yu can wait and read it here one chapter at a time…. So many good books, so little time….
          Check out this book, you may want to purchase this one. It’s titled Historical Theology by Gregg R. Allison and it’s the companion to Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology.
          The great thing about it is that it takes the doctrines and traces them from back in the apostolic times up to our day and how the beliefs evolved and who the proponents of the doctrines were.
          I’m working on an article for this book for next weekend-Ziua Cincizecimii, and read through the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Here is the surprise ending that the author comes up with; it is the last paragraph on the section of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit:
          „As a result of Pentecostalism,the charismatic movement, and third wave evangelism, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit has been elevated to its appropriate place among Christian doctrines”
          Wow, reformed charismatics are coming out of the woodwork 🙂 and at such a high level too. Sam Storms is another reformed charismatic.
          Si noi penticostalii avem tendinta sa criticam carismaticii si third wave movements-dar uite ce zice Gregg Allison, our methods may sometime be faulty, but we are seeking after the right thing- the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. So let’s not knock the Holy Spirit’s ministry among us because imperfect people make mistakes or go astray; and let’s not stop pursuing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. That was my take away from the book.
          Also, Wayne Grudem came out with another book (another must have) on Bible Doctrine. Basically it tells you in layman’s language how to explain each of the doctrines (awesome book for new Christians or Christians that want to learn theology. Grudem’s book is titled Bible Doctrine-Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith.
          Praise God – ca El nu ne lasa in necunostinta!

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