Great Isaiah Scroll exhibit showcases Bible’s history at Biola University

You can read the article here – Biola University magazine.

Dr. George Giacumakis lectures at the unveiling of The Great Isaiah Scroll exhibit, open now through December 15th at Biola University.

Penned more than 2,100 years ago, the Great Isaiah Scroll is one of only three complete scrolls from 900 documents that comprise the Dead Sea Scrolls. An exact replica of the Great Isaiah Scroll is being housed at Biola University this fall. The survival of this scroll is a celebrated story throughout the world — and now students and the Biola community will be able to celebrate it firsthand.

Owned by Legacy Church, Orange County, and on loan from the Museum of Biblical and Sacred Writings in Irvine, Calif., the facsimile sits 7,000 miles away from its original in the Shrine of the Book Museum in Jerusalem, Israel. Bedouin shepherds discovered the scrolls in caves along rocky cliffs west of the Dead Sea in 1947 near what had been the ancient community of Qumran. The original scrolls have deteriorated significantly since their removal from the dry climate of the Dead Sea region. This facsimile, however, is recreated from prized photographs taken in 1948 to preserve these ancient works.

The facsimile of the Great Isaiah Scroll, housed in Calvary Chapel, is 23.5 feet in length, comprised of 17 panels or sheets of parchment sewn together.  Created by Facsimile Editions Ltd. of London, England, the Great Isaiah Scroll is noted for its exquisite appearance, capturing the essence of the original document not only in look, but in feel, from the detailed hand-stitching and staining to the evident wear and tear.

The book of Isaiah is, of course, a central Messianic and prophetic text for both the Jewish and Christian faiths.  The Lord (Yahweh) spoke through the prophet Isaiah regarding the future hope for Israel, while condemning the evil deeds of the people and advocating for social justice and adherence to God’s laws. Isaiah foretold of one who would come to instate the year of the Lord’s favor and make all wrongs right. Click  link below to read more…

The exhibit features an exact replica of the Great Isaiah Scroll. More information can be found at

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