Ravi Zacharias – Four Gardens (thoughts on the Resurrection) from India

Excerpt from Jesus among other Gods via Ravi Zacharias Media:

Ravi Zacharias discusses creation through four components-

  1. There is a Creator
  2. There is purpose
  3. We are not alone
  4. We are moral entities
  • The first is the Garden of the Word (John 1:1)
  • Second is garden of context („It is written”- echoes throughout the Bible) and is the context by which we determine what is right and wrong
  • Third is the garden of contest (Garden of Ghetsemane- single most magnificent work of Christ prior to the Resurrection-by understanding the work of the cross fully 1 Cor 2:2 For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you, except Jesus Christ and him crucified). Jesus did not die a martyr’s death for some worthy cause, nor did He die like a lamb going to the slaughter so that those who stood for what He stood for would be galavanized…When He went to the cross, He went to provide a way, so that the very ones who crucified Him, that’s you and I, might have a way provided for our forgiveness. One of the most precious truths emerges here, in the Garden of Ghetsemane-the reality of forgiveness. Think about it, no matter what your life, what your past was, we know one who knows us and is willing to say to us, „You are forgiven!”
  • The garden of Conquest – John 20:11-16,18 describes the Resurrection of Jesus. Muhammad was laid to rest, there are questions about pantheistic gods  that they never existed. Buddha never talked about God.  Yet  in Jesus, here is more than a gardener (John 20:15), here is the Lord who rose from the dead and gives to you and to me eternal life.

If you are squeamish skip at minute 17 (footage from India, people piercing their bodies in search of atonement through Hinduism)

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