David Platt – Secret Church: Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare Part 2

See PART 1 – Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare here

David Platt, Pastor of Brook Hills Church in Birmingham, Alabama usually preaches 55 minute sermons, which he feels are too short. So, he has started a program called ‘Secret Church’. Twice a year,  he holds this event (this year it was simulcasted across the Nation) in which he preaches for about six hours on one subject. As he traveled through Asia and witnessed the thirst for delving into the Word by our Asian brothers and sisters of those underground churches who would get together and study in the Word for up to 12 hours at one sitting, he saw a need for teaching  and getting deep into the Word in his own church.

Below is the second video of 4 from one such meetings. The topic is Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare.



DAVID PLATT Bio from The Church at Brook Hills.

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