Paul Washer on The Holy Spirit (essential sermon)

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World Revival Church Worship

Our family visited this church in 2009. The music worship was an unusual experience. Unusual, because for the number of people that were present in the church, it sounded like the voices of double or triple that amount. (And there were probably 7-800 people, yet it sounded like  thousands).  It wasn’t the acoustics either, although they have a great sound system; but, as we looked around, everyone, from 4 or 5 year olds, to adults and older people (to all the men!!) were singing loudly and gladly and the power of the Holy Spirit was a keen presence in the church.  Some of the songs they sang I had not heard before and were taken right out of Scriptures. (I hope they will post more in the future) The Word of God in song, sung by His people is a powerful thing! Imagine a church where the Holy Spirit overcomes young people while they worship. And, imagine a church where, if you feel the presence of the Lord and want to get down on your knees and weep or praise him, you can.  The service starts that way, and ends that way. It reminded me of the prayer services of the Pentecostal Churches of Romania in their beginning stage and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that God willed over us.

After the service we spoke to some of the church’s members to get to know some of them. One impressionable thing was the conversation we had with the drummer and his family. In preparation for ministry on the worship team, he served by volunteering at the House of Hope and Prayer (open 24 hours) which is on the Church’s property and a family actually lives in that house, and, additionally, other church members regularly volunteer on their days off or before or after their work shifts, to be available for prayer, either over the phone or for people who show up in person, on a 24 hours a day basis.

The two nights we were there, the service began at 7pm and ended after 11 pm, and it seemed like it went way too fast. After the worship and preaching which ended about 9:15 most of the folks went up front for prayer and we didn’t stop until almost 11:00 pm.  And, did I forget to mention that most of the church members were present at church about an hour before the service started. Yes, there still are churches like this, with people seeking the Lord in the Word, in fervent prayer and seeking fellowship with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

We had an overwhelmingly positive experience while visiting this church over that weekend in 2009. May God bless our brothers and sisters there in Kansas City, Missouri!

The Baptism and Fullness of the Spirit By George O. Wood


I have researched for Day of Pentecost articles and material on the web from the point of view of a committed believer of the Pentecostal experience. To my frustration, it was very hard to come across. This may be due to the fact that many churches have not realized the full potential that the internet gives them to share their faith with millions of readers in a format that will last forever. Once printed, an article is archived on the worldwide web, and, unless one goes to great lengths to erase it from the web, it will be read over and over again by millions of people for ages to come. I wish more churches would use the web as an internet tool, especially non English churches.

I am posting this article from the PENTECOSTAL evangel magazine, June 2011 edition; written by the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, George O. Wood. The article is excerpted from the book – Living in the Spirit, by George O. Wood (Springfield, Mo.: Gospel Publishing House, 2009).

You can read more of the PENTECOSTAL evangel magazine here.

The Baptism and Fullness of the Spirit

“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” — Acts 2:17, NIV

I have been asked a number of times by national reporters about speaking in tongues. I was talking with a reporter from The New York Times and told him there’s nothing unusual about what Pentecostals are doing today. If you look at the first-century church, all the writers of the New Testament spoke in tongues, and the Early Church spoke in tongues. So Pentecostalism, at its roots, is basically a restorationist movement. We believe that we can cut through 20 centuries of church tradition and get back to the original Church. It doesn’t mean that we do everything like the original Church, but we’re trying to have the same doctrine and experience of the Early Church.

Several decades ago, I visited the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Looking up to Michelangelo’s great fresco of “The Last Judgment,” I thought to myself, Why is everyone raving about this work of art? It’s very occluded and dark. What had happened is that over the last four centuries, there have been so many candles burning in the Sistine Chapel that the smoke had gradually put a layer of gray over the painting. So when I saw how dark it was, I wasn’t impressed at all.

Now, many years later, it has been restored. All the smudge is gone and the colors are radiant and alive, and it’s as though the painting had just been done yesterday. That’s what Pentecostalism, in its purist form, tries to do. It tries to erase the smudges on the Church for the last 20 centuries and get back to what the early Christians believed and practiced. That is our goal — to get back to biblical, original Christianity.

Three primary views within the Church describe the baptism in the Holy Spirit. One is the view that the baptism in the Holy Spirit and any terminology connected with it in Scripture are meant to be taken as synonymous with conversion — that when we give our life to the Lord we are automatically baptized in the Spirit.

In this view, the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 represents the moment the members of the Early Church became Christians. The baptism in the Holy Spirit, therefore, is not meant to be repeated in believers’ lives today in the manner described in Acts 2, 8, 9, 10 and 19, but is to be seen as God’s way of giving the Church a giant cosmic shove into its centuries of existence.

On the opposite extreme are those who treat the baptism in the Holy Spirit as the highest goal of Christian experience — a goal that once reached need not be sought after again. Unfortunately, this is the view I had of the baptism in the Spirit while I was a child and teenager. In a particular church of which I was a part, you couldn’t hold office in the youth group unless you had been baptized in the Spirit. So, Spirit baptism was the highest goal of my life. Consequently, when I received it, I promptly relaxed.

Only years later did I come to fully realize the function of the baptism in the Spirit. This, I believe, is the third view. Spirit baptism is a distinct part of our entrance into the full Christian life, along with salvation and water baptism. These can each occur at different times, but I believe it is God’s purpose to make this a cluster of initiation events into the Christian life.

Those who believe the baptism in the Spirit is part of our initiation into the Christian life are called Pentecostal or charismatic. I favor the term Pentecostal primarily because it seems a more biblical word to describe the experience. Whereas charismatic is not used in the Book of Acts and generally refers to spiritual gifts, the charismata in general.

The focus of the baptism in the Spirit is twofold. It deepens our worship of the Lord through giving us a language of praise that we have not learned — speaking with other tongues. It also gives us power in our Christian witness.
Floods of blessing

It’s interesting that the baptism in the Spirit has three beautiful words to describe what the Spirit does for us. The words are all associated with water. Acts 2:17 says that the Spirit of God is outpoured: “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.” The idea of the pouring of the Spirit is that we get thoroughly soaked in the Spirit’s presence.

Acts 1:5 tells us that we will be baptized in the Spirit. This means we will be overwhelmed or immersed in the Spirit’s presence. The expression “baptism in the Spirit” can have too narrow a meaning to us; we don’t think of it in a fresh way. I want to ask in my own life, “Have I been overwhelmed by the Spirit? Am I soaked in the Spirit?”

Acts 2:4 uses another word associated with water: filled with the Spirit. When the Spirit is poured out upon us, it is the external coming of the Spirit upon us. When we are baptized in the Spirit, it is us in the Spirit. When we are filled with the Spirit, it is the Spirit in us. Furthermore, 1 Corinthians 12:13 says, “We were all given the Spirit to drink.” John 7:37-39 says we will have the Spirit of God welling up within us, flowing out of us — streams of living water.

Is the term “baptism in the Spirit” scriptural? Yes, it is. It is used by the Lord. Is it meant to characterize our experience today? Yes. What is its purpose? It is to initiate us deeper into the Spirit’s mission and propel us into two areas of the Spirit’s work. First, it is meant to draw us deeper into worship and to God. That is the function of other tongues. Secondly, the Spirit is designed to come upon us to thrust us into the world and the work of the Lord. Worship and work — these are the purposes of the Spirit.

We need the baptism in the Spirit because Jesus himself taught that the work of the Kingdom cannot be done without the baptism in the Spirit. All the things the Lord wants to do in the Church and in the world cannot be done unless we are filled with the Spirit. Many things can be done without His fullness. But the totality of what God wants to do will not be done.

My Pentecostal experience has taught me there is great value in waiting in the Spirit’s presence. The Christian life is not simply intellectual, theological or mind-oriented. It reaches those deeper parts of us that relate to the mystery of the heart in adoration to God. The Spirit reaches into areas of our life where we know what God’s will is but are not doing it. And the Spirit forms the character of Christ in us as we allow Him to do so. The Spirit wants to reach into the complacency of our life, where we would be satisfied to live as we are now living. He wants to come upon us and make us earnest about the work of God, make us want God’s will and purpose to be done in and through us.

God would have His Spirit call us out of a life of spiritual complacency to one of deep surrender. Through the Spirit, we can have the joy of hearing from God like we have never heard from Him before. The Spirit is with us at the crossroads of life, as we make the most critical decisions. We need the Spirit of God in an increasingly deeper measure. He wants to open up avenues of worship and of vision to us. May each of us cry out, “Spirit of God, I need You! I can never do this on my own. I can’t know what Your will is on my own. I need You, Holy Spirit.”

Institutul Teologic Penticostal – Bucuresti

2011. Am mai postat acest video, dar m-am hotarit sa il mai postez pentru ca tot se adauga vizitatori noi online, si acest video ilustreaza si rugaciunea facuta intr-o biserica Penticostala.

PAGINA – Cultul Penticostal Romania (

Lucrarea Duhului Sfint (1) – Wayne Grudem

sursa pozei

In acest capitol teologul Wayne Grudem arata:

Care sunt modurile specifice prin care Duhul Sfint aduce credinciosilor binecuvintarea lui Dumnezeu? Putem deosebi patru aspecte prin care lucrareaDuhului Sfint dovedeste prezenta lui Dumnezeu si prin care da binecuvintarea:.
  1. Duhul Sfint imputerniceste.
  2. Duhul Sfint curateste.
  3. Duhul Sfint reveleaza.
  4. Duhul Sfint unifica

Le vom examina pe fiecare din aceste patru activitati.

Faceti click pe primul buton (va scrie „view in full screen”  cind treceti cu mouse-ul peste buton) ca sa mariti cartea pe tot ecranul calculatorului.

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Andrei Rosu – Pe Duhul Sfant l-am intristat – Elim – Bruxelle (live)

O melodie compusa si interpretata de Andrei Rosu spre slava lui Dumnezeu.

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Andrei Rosu – Pe Duhul Sfant l-am intristat – E…, posted with vodpod

Paul Washer predica pe strada in Peru

În acest video Paul Washer predică în aer liber pe străzile din Peru. Paul de asemenea își spune mărturia și evanghelizează pe cei pierduți. (via)

Predicare În Stradă

cine samănă mult, mult va secera 2 Cor 9:6 (poza A.Martin-HeartCry Missionary Romania)

de Paul Washer
Buna seara. Numele meu este Paul Washer si nu sunt de aici Dar am vazut pe
acest peruan predicand ca Hristos este solutia; de asemenea eu vreau sa predic vreau sa spun ceva despre Isus vreau sa impartasesc cu voi marturia mea Cu 25 de ani in urma, mergeam la Universitatea din Texas pentru a deveni avocat.

Acolo, totul mergea destul de bine pentru mine notele mele erau chiar bune. Cariera mea era aproape perfecta Dar eu eram un betiv, un betivan oribil Cand am avut 17 ani, tatal meu care era foarte bogat, tatal meu si cu mine lucram
cu caii nostri la ferma noastra pentru ca hooby-ul lui era crescutul cailor si noi lurcam acolo, si tatal meu a strigat si eu m-am intins sa il sustin si amandoi am cazut pe podea si el a fost mort.
In acel moment, am realizat ca nu conteaza cat de bogat sunt, eu voi muri Nu conteaza cat de destept sunt, eu voi muri Nu conteaza daca voi gasi prietena visurilor mele, voi muri la fel de bine Nu este asa? Si voi toti veti muri. Imi pare rau pentru vestea mea buna sau rea. Dar bine, voi toti urmaza sa muriti

Apoi am inceput sa ma gandesc Ce este viata mea?… Am mers la facultate si am invatat acolo si toate celelalte lucruri dar fara speranta, fara speranta! Dar intr-o
zi, un tanar a batut la usa mea si a inceput sa vorbeasca cu mine despre Isus Hristos Si m-am gandit, la fel cum voi ganditi despre mine, ca el era un smintit, un om nebun Pentru ca ce nebunie e sa vorbesti despre Hristos la usa mea in aceste zile moderne! „Nu stie el ca eu sunt student la facultate?”

Asa ca el a inceput sa vorbeasca direct inimii mele. El a spus: „Prietenul
meu, uite: viata ta…cum este? Esti multumit?” „Nu!” „De ce? Ai bani?” „Da” „Ai
familie?” „Da” „Ai o educatie buna?” „Da” „De ce atunci nu esti multumit?” „Pentru ca voi muri.” „Voi muri” Apoi, si-a deschis Biblia si a inceput sa vorbeasca despre persoana lui Isus Hristos

Acum, ne vom uita la ceva, si vreau ca toti sa ma ascultati Cu privire la persoana lui Isus Hristos sunt doar 3 posibilitati Doar 3, si in seara asta trebuie sa decideti cine este Isus pentru voi

Prima posibilitate este aceasta: Hristos a fost un om nebun Pentru ca orice om care spune ca el este Fiul lui Dumnezeu si nu este chiar daca el crede asta cu sinceritate, este smintit, un om nebun Daca gasim un om care sta in parc si predica despre el ca este Fiul lui Dumnezeu, stim ca este nebun Dar Isus a spus ca el este Fiul lui Dumnezeu

Exista 3 posibilitati – Una: un om foarte sincer dar un om nebun, un smintit

Matei 9:36-38 Rugaţi dar pe Domnul secerişului să scoată lucrători la secerişul Lui. (A.Martin)

Alta posibilitate: Isus Hristos a fost un mincinos care stia ca nu este Fiul lui Dumnezeu si a mintit si a inselat mai multi oameni decat orice alt profet din istoria omenirii

Deci, cu persoana lui Isus Hristos sunt doar 3 posibilitat. Unu:
El a fost un om nebun; Doi: El a fost un mincinos; Trei: El este Fiul lui Dumnezeu Probabil, unii dintre voi spun: „Bine, Isus a fost un om bun dar cred ca nu a fost de fapt Fiul lui Dumnezeu”
Dar este o problema cu logica voastra: Daca Isus n-a fost Fiul lui Dumnezeu atunci el nu a fost un om bun Pentru ca un om bun nu inseala si un om nebun nu este un om bun Voi trebuie sa stiti cine a fost Isus cu adevarat Alta intrebare: In toate bisericile, auziti mereu despre Evanghelie Evanghelicii vorbesc despre Evanghelie, catolicii vorbesc despre Evanghelie, voi vorbiti despre Evanghelie Dar stiti ce este Evanghelia? Toata lumea vorbeste despre Dumnezeu si despre Isus Hristos, dar stiti ce este Evanghelia? Ati inteles voi vreodata in viata
voastra ce este Evanghelia?

Va voi explica asta, priviti! Cuvantul „Evanghelie” vine dintr-un cuvant latin: evangelicon Si inseamna „Veste buna, vesela” Singurul motiv pentru care strig, nu este pentru ca sunt furios, este pentru ca nu am microfon Trebuie sa strig. Dar Evanghelia nu este o veste rea, este o veste buna Dar incepe in felul urmator: Dumnezeu este drept

Am o intrebare pentru voi: Preferati ca Dumnezeu sa fie nedrept, sau doriti un Dumnezeu drept? Cine doreste un Dumnezeu nedrept? Un Dumnezeu rau? Este cineva? Nu! Nimeni? Dumnezeu este drept Dar voi spuneti: „Este Ok”

Nu! Faptul ca Dumezeu e drept este cea mai mare problema a voastra Problema voastra mai mare este ca Dumnezeu este drept Voi spuneti: „De ce este asta
o problema?” De ce? Pentru ca voi nu sunteti drepti Voi ati pacatuit

Biblia spune: „Caci toti au pacatuit si sunt lipsiti de slava lui Dumnezeu” VOI ATI PACATUIT. Voi stiti asta Nu trebuie nici macar sa incerc sa va conving ca ati pacatuit. VOI ATI PACATUIT Ati mintit, ati avut ganduri  rele

Priviti, priviti: Daca as putea face un DVD din viata voastra si as putea sa prezint acel DVD seara asta in acest parc al fiecarui gand pe care l-ati gandit a fiecarei zile din viata voastra, ati fugi din acest loc si niciodata nu v-ati mai intoarce pentru ca ati facut lucruri atat de rusinoase de care nici nu vreti sa discutati cu nimeni

Este adevarat! Stiu ca este adevarat. De ce? Pentru ca Biblia spune asa si pentru ca si eu sunt ca voi Acum, Dumnezeu este drept si tu si cu mine nu L-am ascultat Am incalcat Legea lui Dumnezeu Acum, cea mai mare problema din Scriptura
este aceasta: „Cum poate un Dumnezeu drept sa ierte un pacatos si sa ramana totusi drept?”
Aceasta este problema cea mai mare din toata Biblia Va voi da o ilustratie: Sa presupunem ca un hot iti omoara familia Si tu il prinzi, si il aduci in fata judecatorului Si judecatorul spune omului care ti-a omorat familia: „Uite, eu sunt un judecator iubitor. Acesta este motivul pentru care te iert. Esti liber sa pleci. Cum ai reactiona? Ai fi atat de furios! Ai striga! Ai contacta toti congresmanii, presedintele si pe toti ceilalti si ai spune: „Aici este un judecator care este mai
corupt decat criminalii pe care el ii iarta”

Daca Dumnezeu este drept, El TREBUIE sa Isi satisfaca Dreptatea Si singura cale prin care acest lucru este posibil este prin a te pedepsi pe tine in Iad pentru toate pacatele tale. Asta este adevarat. Totusi, Biblia spune de asemenea ca
Dumnezeu este DRAGOSTE Dumnezeu este dragoste.

Asa ca Dumnezeu a facut o cale sa Isi satisfaca dreptatea impotriva ta si sa te salveze Este doar prin Fiul Sau Isus Hristos La cruce, intai… Isus Hristos este mai mult decat doar un om Isus Hristos este eternul Fiu de Dumnezeu care a devenit om prin intrupare si s-a nascut din fecioara Maria El a umblat pe acest Pamant si Si-a trait viata absolut perfect

Totusi prin providenta lui Dumnezeu, El a fost rastignit pe o cruce
Pe cruce, acum, ganditi-va! Ce s-a intamplat pe cruce? Ce s-a intamplat cu adevarat? Haideti sa Il ascultam pe Isus, El a spus cand a fost pe cruce „Dumnezeul Meu, Dumnezeul Meu, pentru ce m-ai parasit?”

Ganditi-va! Ce se intampla pe cruce? Singurul Fiu al lui Dumnezeu este pe cruce si Tatal Lui Il paraseste? Este respins de Tatal Sau?!…De ce? Pentru ca atunci
cand Hristos a fost pe cruce El a purtat pacatele noastre Si Dumnezeu este SFANT si El nu poate tolera pacatul

Atunci, El L-a parasit pe Isus pe cruce Si toata dreptatea lui Dumneceu pe
care tu o meriti si eu o merit aceasta dreptate a cazut peste Isus Si cand Isus a murit, el a platit plata pentru pacatele noastre Si acum noi putem fi mantuiti prin credinta care este in Hristos Isus

Acum, sunt multi oameni care spun ca ei cred ca Biblia este Cuvantul lui Dumnezeu dar cand cineva iese in parc sa predice Cuvantul lui Dumnezeu ei isi spun: ” Atat de ciudat! Nebunie!” Dar nu este nebunie daca este cu adevarat Cuvantul lui Dumnezeu Toti vorbesc despre faptul ca Hristos vine curand Dar nu este interesant ca nimeni nu se pregateste pe sine insusi?

Ca toti tinerii si toti ceilalti se distreaza in parcul asta? Si ei nici macar nu cred in
persoana lui Isus Uitati-va la toata ipocrizia care exista Toti spun: „Isus este Fiul lui Dumnezeu” Dar traiesc ca si cand Isus n-a venit niciodata In seara asta, ati auzit Evanghelia, Ca un Dumnezeu adevarat va iubeste si ca Si-a trimis Fiul Sau Isus si ca puteti primi iertare pentru pacatele voastre si nu numai atat Puteti trai in prospetime a vietii

Sunt aici nu pentru ca sunt religios Sunt aici pentru ca acum 25 de ani Domnul mi-a schimbat viata O viata oribila! Sunt multi dintre voi care cauta bani Familia mea are mult mai multi.  Multi dintre voi doriti sa ajungeti populari. Cunosc cativa care sunt celebrii. Pot sa spun asta: Nu veti fi multumiti cu popularitatea si bunastarea voastra Nu veti fi multumiti cu imoralitatea voastra, distrandu-va

Veti  fi multumiti si veti gasi viata numai in persoana lui Isus Hristos Acum, voi cobori. Nu va fie frica, nu sunt asa de nebun cum credeti Daca doriti sa stiti mai multe puteti veni langa mine, sau la orice frate de pe-aici Si va pot spune cum poate Hristos sa va schimbe viata Multumesc. Si nu trebuie sa platiti Multumesc

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