In God We Still Trust by Jericho (Independence Day)

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One Nation Under God

By Ken Camp

    When American Christians pledge allegiance to their nation and its flag—sometimes in worship services—does that reflect narrow nationalism or proper patriotism? Some Baptists believe it all hinges on how they interpret “one nation under God.”

Nationalism, by context and common usage, has come to mean a narrow, self-justifying jingoism,” said James Dunn, resident professor of Christianity and public policy at the Wake Forest University School of Divinity. “Patriotism can be a healthy appreciation for the values, history, people and heroes of a particular country.”Nationalists see their country as exceptional—the one and only nation under God’s exclusive protection and superior to all others. And that’s a position contrary to the biblical understanding of God as greater than any single nation or people, he noted.

“As I read it, the Scripture says all nations are under God, or at least they should be seen as so,” Dunn said. Click here to read the rest…

David Platt- The Theology of the Cross of Christ (Part 2 of 3) Secret Church – The Graden of Ghetsemane

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Gabi Zagrean la Biserica Poarta Cerului

O predica recenta la Biserica Poarta Cerului din Timisoara. (Iunie 2011)
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Vizite unicate din Martie 6,2011

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