‪Film – Patimile lui Hristos (subtitrare in Limba Romana)‬‏

Va rog folositi discernamint la acest film, scenele sunt brutale si nu toti sunt destui de tari sa poata viziona filmul, mai ales copiii. Filmul chiar avea rating-ul: interzis pentru copii sub 14 ani. Multumesc. Ne bucuram sa citim ca in anul 2011, filmul  a fost vizionat de mii de oameni in tara Iran la cinematografe.


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‪Chuck Missler – The Trinity ‬‏

The word „Trinity” does not appear in the Bible, however, the concept is there, everywhere. Chuck Missler explains the Trinity starting from the Old Testament to the New. Lots of valuable nuggets in this lecture that are helpful in understanding not only the Trinity, but the Bible itself.

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D.A. Carson on Apostle Peter, Judas, Psalm 69 and the quoting of the OT in the NT (via) Gospel Coalition

Posted by John Starke via the Gospel Coalition Blog .

The Gospel Coalition Blog has a new, regular feature titled “You Asked,” where readers send in theological, biblical, and practical ministry questions that get passed along to The Gospel Coalition’s Council members and other friends for an answer. Anyone can ask a question,  by sending  it to  ask@thegospelcoalition.org along with their full name, city, and state.

Today’s question  was posed to D. A. Carson, president of The Gospel Coalition and research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He is the author of numerous books on New Testament studies, theological issues, pastoral concerns, and more. The volume he edited with G. K. Beale, Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament, deals directly with today’s question.
The question, posed by Fletcher L. from Louisville, Kentucky, is:I’m reading through Acts this month. In Acts 1:20, Peter’s talking about Judas and quotes Psalm 69, “May his place be deserted; let there be no one to dwell in it.” But Psalm 69 doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Judas. In fact, that psalm seems somewhat anti-gospel. It’s all about David wanting God to smite his enemies, but Jesus said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they’re doing.” Did Peter have a bad hermeneutic? If someone tried to quote a psalm like this without apostolic authority, would you call them crazy?
and D.A.Carson asnwers in 3 parts:
  1.  Doesn’t Psalm 69 sound anti-gospel, with its rhetoric of retaliation? Answer: I suspect this casts the matter too antithetically: gospel versus anti-gospel. After all, the same Jesus who cries “Father, forgive them” also pronounces blistering denunciations on assorted spiritual hypocrites (e.g., Matt. 23), and the ultimate retaliation at the end is not glossed over in the New Testament (e.g., Rev. 19). The Old Testament, which includes many passages like Psalm 69 that ask God for retaliatory justice, also includes many affirmations of God’s enduring and pursuing love (e.g., Hosea).
  2. Doesn’t Acts 1:20 rip Psalm 69:25 out of its context, since the psalm makes no mention of Judas Iscariot, and the writer does not appear to have him in view? Answer: Psalm 69 is often called an “individual lament.” In such laments, the psalmist depicts his anguish and suffering, usually caused by horrible circumstances and cruel oppressors. He asks God for grace, strength, faithfulness, and triumph, beseeching God to bring down judgment on the wicked who are trying to destroy him. This, as we have seen under the first question, is not antithetical to one of the major strands of the Bible. But there is more: Psalm 69, the superscription tells us, is a psalm of David. One of the things that Bible readers must come to grips with is “Davidic typology.” This means that in the Old Testament’s progressive description of and comments about David, a trajectory is created, a Davidic trajectory.
  3. So does Peter have a bad hermeneutic? Is his reading of the Old Testament simply crazy? Answer: Some skeptical scholars argue precisely along those lines. They say the New Testament preachers and authors regularly ripped Old Testament texts out of their respective contexts in order to justify the Christian position. This skeptical stance, in my view, is justified only if we concede that the only way the Old Testament is allowed to point forward is in explicit verbal predictions. But that is clearly not so. I have spent much of my adult life working through the way the New Testament quotes the Old, and the longer I ponder these texts, the more I begin to see how they “work,” how rich and beautiful are the ways in which God ordained that his great plan of redemption would be prefigured in an extraordinarily rich, complex, and intertwined array of promises, types, trajectories, histories, institutions and persons, working together to point forward to Jesus and his gospel (see Luke 24:26-27, 45-48; John 5:46).

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Iran Pastor to be executed (via) Baptist Press News


source -from  Baptist Press (via Challies.com)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Christians in Iran have challenged news reports that the death penalty for pastor Yousef Nadarkhani has been annulled, saying that in reality the country’s supreme court appears to have added a precondition requiring him to renounce his faith or face execution.

„There has still been no written confirmation of the court’s decision on Pastor Nadarkhani’s appeal against a death sentence for apostasy, despite efforts to source this,” according to a July 5 statement from Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a human rights organization.

Nadarkhani was arrested in October 2009 while attempting to register his church. His arrest is believed to have been due to his questioning of the Muslim monopoly on the religious instruction of children in Iran, the CSW statement said. He initially was charged with protesting; however, the charges against him were later changed to apostasy and evangelizing Muslims.

„Our thoughts and prayers are with Pastor Nadarkhani, Mr Dadkhah and their families at this uncertain time,” said Andrew Johnston, advocacy director for Christian Solidarity Worldwide. „CSW is gravely concerned about the judicial process in Pastor Nadarkhani’s case and the precondition to recant his faith.

Johnston said CSW is again urging „the Iranian regime to respect the stipulations of international treaties to which it is party, including the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights, which guarantees freedom of religion and freedom to change one’s religion or belief…. The international community must act urgently to press Iran to ensure … that Pastor Nadarkhani in particular is acquitted of a charge that is not in fact recognized under Iranian civil law.”

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Cristian Barbosu – Nadejdi inselatoare

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