John Piper and David Platt at the 2011 SBC Annual Meeting

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If you don’t have time to watch the entire discussion- please watch the 2 shorter videos which contain some profound expositions of 2 very important topics from John Piper and David Platt: Missions and Materialism.

The first 2 videos are excerpts from the 1 hour B21 panel discussion. The third video is the full video of the panel discussion. There will be two more videos to follow tomorrow with a different panel, that touches on more provocative subjects. (That will be a new post that I will put up tomorrow)

Video 1 – John Piper speaks to the problem of people (such as Rob Bell and others) who have slowly drifted away from where they started from. (5:32 min)

Video 2 – David Platt and John Piper speak to the american way of looking at materialism and missions.

The full length (3rd) video is from Southeastern Baptist University.

John Piper – Why He Won’t Take Potshots at Fundamentalists

You can read the entire article here:20 Reasons I Don’t Take Potshots at Fundamentalists. The post below was appropriately catalogued in the „Loving Others” category.

20 Reasons I Don’t Take Potshots at Fundamentalists

by John Piper, Pastor, author and „christian hedonist” from

1. They are humble and respectful and courteous and even funny (the ones I’ve met).

2. They believe in truth.

3. They believe that truth really matters.

4. They believe that the Bible is true, all of it.

5. They know that the Bible calls for some kind of separation from the world.

6. They have backbone and are not prone to compromise principle.

7. They put obedience to Jesus above the approval of man (even though they fall short, like others).

8. They believe in hell and are loving enough to warn people about it.

9. They believe in heaven and sing about how good it will be to go there.

10. Their „social action” is helping the person next door (like Jesus), which doesn’t usually get written up in the newspaper.

11. They tend to raise law-abiding, chaste children, in spite of the fact that Barna says evangelical kids in general don’t have any better track record than non-Christians.

12. They resist trendiness.

13. They don’t think too much is gained by sounding hip.

14. They may not be hip, but they don’t go so far as to drive buggies or insist on typewriters.

15. They still sing hymns.

16. They are not breathless about being accepted in the scholarly guild.

17. They give some contemporary plausibility to New Testament claim that the church is the “pillar and bulwark of the truth.”

18. They are good for the rest of evangelicals because of all this.

19. My dad was one.

20. Everybody to my left thinks I am one. And there are a lot of people to my left.


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