John Piper and David Platt at the 2011 SBC Annual Meeting

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If you don’t have time to watch the entire discussion- please watch the 2 shorter videos which contain some profound expositions of 2 very important topics from John Piper and David Platt: Missions and Materialism.

The first 2 videos are excerpts from the 1 hour B21 panel discussion. The third video is the full video of the panel discussion. There will be two more videos to follow tomorrow with a different panel, that touches on more provocative subjects. (That will be a new post that I will put up tomorrow)

Video 1 – John Piper speaks to the problem of people (such as Rob Bell and others) who have slowly drifted away from where they started from. (5:32 min)

Video 2 – David Platt and John Piper speak to the american way of looking at materialism and missions.

The full length (3rd) video is from Southeastern Baptist University.

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