What is the Gospel – A theological debate with Darrell Bock and Bob Wilkin

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here is an excerpt of a question and answer at the back end of this debate to give you an example of the wisdom you can glean from reading/watching men of God debate from the Word:

Dr. Wilkin:
I’m not sure I can completely repeat it [unrecorded question 18 from the audience], but the point is, when the nation of Israel is rejecting Jesus as the Christ, why don’t the apostles stand up and say, “He really is the Christ. All you need to do is to believe in Him to get into the kingdom”? Something like that. “You don’t need to bow to Him, you just need to believe in Him.”

Well, you see the issue there in the first place is not that they were going to believe if you suddenly said, “Well, you don’t have to bow to Him.”
They’d say, “No, we don’t have to bow to Him. We’re going to crucify Him.” You see, that wasn’t the issue. They didn’t believe He was the Christ.

And if you don’t believe Jesus is the Christ, you don’t have eternal life. To the later question on why don’t we have more pressing from Jesus or from the disciples? My feeling is, as you read for example in John chapter 12, He said He hardened their hearts so that they could not believe. You see, they kept rejecting, rejecting, rejecting, and so God finally hardened their hearts. And I also hold the view … have you ever thought about why is it that Scripture doesn’t come out and have 500 pages saying let’s explain exactly that lordship salvation is wrong and the free grace position is right and give you hundreds of pages where it would be so clear, you can’t miss it?

Well, in the first place, it is so clear you can’t miss it. But in the second place, the reason we don’t have hundreds of pages is because God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. And God has set up the Scriptures in such a way that it’s possible to be confused. And you can teach just about anything you want from the Scriptures if you want to twist them and turn them.

Now there are some very well intentioned people who are twisting and turning the Scriptures. And I believe that the Lord is not trying to make it to where it is absolutely impossible to twist the Scriptures. He’s making it possible that if a
person wants to be deceived, they can. And the nation of Israel wanted to be deceived, and they were.

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