About that COEXIST bumper sticker…

Who has not seen this bumper sticker being sported on the backs of some cars?

Here’s a Christian perspective from Confident Christianity Apologetics Blog.

Mary Jo writes:

Each religious system (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, etc) makes certain truth claims.  Some of these truth claims directly contradict one another.  Christianity declares Jesus is God, but Islam declares Jesus is not God.  These are direct contradictions concerning what is true.  So these systems cannot logically coexist as equally truthful.  If the creators of the sticker mean to express this idea that “whatever is true for you works for you and whatever is true for me works for me,” then they have violated a law of logic called the Law of Non-Contradiction.  Two opposing statements cannot be equally true in the same way at the same time about the exact same thing: ie., Jesus is God, Jesus is not God.

Since the sticker shows the symbols for the religious systems, it demonstrates poor reasoning and a lack of understanding basic doctrines of the differing belief systems. Click here to read the rest.

and here is a visual explanation via the revivalandreformation.wordpress.com

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