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An excerpt from a profile and interview done with Perry Stone by Charisma magazine:

Perry Stone is a study in contrasts. He has limited formal education for someone sought after as a Bible expert, yet he’s written over 40 books. A Southerner, he’s popular in the Northeast. He bases his ministry in a small Tennessee town, yet he impacts the world through television. He is a fourth-generation Pentecostal preacher whose largest group of followers are Baptists-and Roman Catholics are in the top four.

Best known as a teacher of end-times Bible prophecy, his biggest pleasure is pouring over the Scripture-he claims to have put in 60,000 hours of study. Stone also defies nearly every stereotype leveled at Pentecostals. Affiliated with the Church of God ( Cleveland, Tennessee) he can preach like a Pentecostal but usually teaches in a more academic style. He’s on thousands of TV stations, yet he never asks for money.

As one of America’s foremost experts on biblical prophecy, Stone often is invited as the keynote speaker at internationally attended prophecy conferences. But don’t expect him to agree with those who dub his prophetic teaching „end time theology”.

„I just call it New Testament Theology,” he says,”It’s basically three main points.

  • No. 1: There comes a time of end; not the end of time, but a time of the end. Our basic theology is to understand there is a time of the end and an end generation.
  • No. 2: There are specific signs [in the Bible] indicating when that generation is to come.
  • No. 3: is to preach those signs to encourage people to come to know Christ.

„Those are the three simple ways that I look at what I do”. To read the entire Charisma magazine interview online – click here.

Perry Stone website –Voice of Evangelism

Charisma Magazine (online edition) site

The following is a  2 1/2 hour seminar held in Jacksonville,Florida with historical and prophetic implications for the nation of Israel from the beginning to the end generation. Perry weaves historical events with and through the prophetic writings of the Old and New Testaments, as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls and rabbinical prophetic writings. The series is available on Perry Stone’s Voice of Evangelism website here. Or click on photo and it will take you to the videos:

Click for videos from Perry Stone on his website

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  3. mike mcgowan
    sept. 20, 2011 @ 23:55:40

    Rev. Stone I have a question for you, years ago 2-3 I was watching you and you said that the bible says to leave the rich alone I believe you were talking about over taxing by the govt. and I would like to know where in the bible it says that. Thank you and God Bless

    • rodi
      sept. 21, 2011 @ 12:41:44

      Mike, although your comment is totally off topic and addressed to a simple blogger who wants to point people to Christ through the study of Scripture, and although I appreciate the intent of your comment, I do not think there is one person out there who truly believes that we are not all over taxed and that the government is not wasting billions of dollars on unnecessary and wasteful programs (including the dollar ratio spent on bureaucracy vs the dollars spent on helping the needy and poor that come out of those accounts) And this will be my only political commentary on this blog 🙂 for the governing is best left to those who govern and I can do my part through voting and speaking out to the country’s leadership when warranted, but that is not to be confused with proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you can find that clip you are referring to from 2-3 years ago, you can email it to me at r o d i a g n u s d e i @ g m a i l . c o m
      And you can also contact Mr. Stone at Voice of Evangelism (just google it) for clarification. Blessings to you too!

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  6. timothy diefenbacher
    feb. 29, 2012 @ 21:29:30

    i was watching you on tv, when you mention that there are 7 ways of the old and new testaments to compare bible prophecies, what are they you were in jerusalem at the time

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