Free John Piper electronic books in the German language + Malawi & Russian (Carti ‘gratis’ de John Piper in Limba Germana)

Pentru fratii Romani din Germania si Europa- mai jos veti gasi link-uri la carti scrise (online) de John Piper cu traducerea in Limba Germana. Dati-le mai departe si prietenilor si cunostintelor care cunosc si vorbesc Limba Germana sau Rusa.

For all of our Romanian brothers and sisters in Germany and Austria, as well as the rest of Europe, here is a list to pass along to your German speaking friends and colleagues.

This is the link they should bookmark for this list –

Desiring God is working to serve the German-speaking world through the recent addition of seven online books (PDF) in German, which you can download from our website for free. Thanks so much to Christliche Literatur-Verbreitung (CLV) for providing them to us!

Recent posts from International Outreach —

In Lumine has also made many of their Russian titles available in digital format, which you can download from the DG website:

Christ-Exalting Resources in Russian and Ukraine

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