Duminica 18 Sept. Paul Negrut – Transmisie ‘Live’ In Direct Saptamina de Evanghelizare la Biserica Gloria Bujac,Arad – Pastor Moise Ardelean

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Consacrarea Bisericii Gloria, include si istoricul Bisericii

Biserica Gloria

Poze de la Consacrarea noii cladiri si

Saptamina de Evanghelizare din 11-18 Septembrie,2011

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Dupa cinci ani de constructii, Biserica Gloria din Bujac, pastorita de fratele Moise Ardelean v-a sarbatori oficial Deschiderea Bisericii Duminica 11 Septembrie,2011 la programul de seara, invitat special Pastorul Cristian Ionescu. Va urma o saptamina de evanghelizare care va fi transmisa in direct.

Duminica 18/09 Evanghelizare Paul Negrut (Oradea)

Biserica Penticostala Gloria Bujac
Str.Gloriei , nr.5Arad

Cristian Ionescu

(poza – pasi.ro)


Pastorul Moise Ardelean Atlanta,2010 (Credo tv)

 Transmisie in direct de la Biserica Gloria Bujac Arad: Duminica dimineata 9:00 Pavel Rivis Tipei.

Săptamana de evanghelizare:

Transmisie in direct de la Biserica Gloria Bujac Arad

Duminica seara 11 septembrie:
Cristian Ionescu-Chicago
Luni seara 12 septembrie:
Vladimir Pustan-Beius
Marti seara 13 septembrie:
Iosif Berce-Alej
Miercuri seara 14 septembrie:
Gabi Zagrean-Beclean
Joi seara 15 septembrie:
Romu Mocan-Dej
Vineri seara 16 septembrie:
Virgil Neagu-Dumbraveni-Suceava
Duminica seara 18 septembrie:
Paul Negrut-Oradea

*Toate programele vor putea fi vizionate in direct!

Mesajul Pastorului Moise Ardelean pe situl BisericaGloria.ro

Paul Negrut

Bine aţi venit pe pagina de internet a Bisericii Penticostale „Gloria” din Arad-Bujac!

Începând cu data de 11.09.2011,ziua consacrări casei de rugăciune a Bisericii Penticostale Gloria,transmitem prin internet servicile divine ale bisericii.  Prin toate mesajele pe care le transmitem Îl prezentăm pe Domnul Isus Hristos.Numai prin credinţa în El se primeşte mântuirea şi viaţă veşnică(Faptele Apostolilor 4:12,Ioan 5:24)

Până acum,ne-am adresat celor prezenţi în casă de rugăciune.Domnul a dat har,şi mulţi au primit mesajul Evangheliei şi au fost salvaţi.Transmiţând slujbele din biserică prin internet,ne vom adresă atât celor prezenţi în casă de rugăciune cât şi celor care vor intra pe pagina noastră de internet. Mulţimea căreia ne vom adresă va fi mult mai mare. Ne rugăm Domnului că,prin lucrarea pe care o facem mulţi să fie mântuiţi,ridicaţi,inbarbatati,vindecaţi în suflet şi în trup şi pregătiţi pentru venirea Domnului Isus.

Când am hotărât transmiterea serviciilor divine prin internet ne-am gândit şi la miile de bujecani,răspândiţi în lumea întreagă.Vor avea posibilitatea să urmărească slujbele din biserică în care au fost născuţi din nou ,s-au bucurat în Duhul Sfânt şi au trăit momente însemnate din viaţă. În felul acesta,legătură dintre cei plecaţi şi cei care au rămas acasă va fi mult mai puternică.

Fie că cei care slujesc în casă de rugăciune şi cei care urmăresc serviciile divine să fie gata în orice moment pentru întâlnirea cu Domnul Isus. Să avem parte de harul special,pe care Mântuitorul îl va aduce când va veni după Biserica Sa.(1 Petru 1:13)

Consacrarea Bisericii Gloria, include si istoricul Bisericii

John Piper on 9/11 in Brisbane, Australia

From John Piper’s Australian Conference tour – August 25,2011 in Brisbane for the QTC Centenary 2011. uploaded by 

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John Piper in Brisbane for QTC Centenary 2011 -…, posted with vodpod

Dr. Albert Mohler on 9/11 and Truth Telling

This is just an excerpt. To read this entire sermon please go to Albert Mohler’s website at AlbertMohler.com

Dr. Mohler preached this message on September 13, 2001–two days after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011. It is republished in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of those attacks. An extended reflection on these events from the perspective of 2011 will follow.

Preachers are expected to speak when no one else has any idea what to say. This is not an enviable position. Standing at the graveside, the dying bedside, the scene of the accident, the preacher is supposed to know what to say, when nothing seems right to say.

Sometimes, saying nothing is best. We can be too hasty to speak, too eager to explain, too superficial in our answer, or too arrogant in our presumption. At other times, silence would be mere cowardice and the abdication of calling and responsibility. To fail to speak in these moments is to deny one’s calling and to fail the supreme test of authentic ministry.

Thousands of preachers will stand in pulpits this Sunday and speak with trembling lips to congregations loaded with expectancy. It could hardly be otherwise. The pictures are replayed in our minds and on our television screens again and again and again. We are watching the unbelievable transformed into the undeniable.

Modern airliners filled with passengers fly through a beautiful sky right into two of the tallest buildings on earth. We watch transfixed, and watch over and over again. The human mind can take only so much reality at any one time. We soon saw images of a burning Pentagon building and then the unimaginable-two 110-story skyscrapers falling into the ground, reduced to a horrific mound of rubble and debris.

We knew that thousands of human beings were dying as we watched. We had seen persons jump from windows, preferring the quick death of a fall to the terror of the fire. And then we saw the collapsing towers, one by one, with disintegrating concrete, glass, and steel reduced to particles of dust and fragments of debris.

The symbolism was unavoidable. These two towers represented the might and energy of the American economy, sending a message to the world of our national power and influence. Like modern towers of Babel, they represented our ambition to build great towers that would touch the sky and defy gravity. Now, millions of pieces of paper floated through the sky like grotesque confetti.

The Pentagon is so powerful a symbol that the name needs no further explanation. The Pentagon can unleash the power of the world’s greatest military force. Now, the Pentagon sits like a wounded giant on the ground. The world’s last remaining superpower doesn’t look so powerful through a veil of smoke.

We know that the world will never be the same after this. We do not want to exaggerate, but exaggeration seems almost impossible. There are no words adequate to convey the horror, the grief, the outrage, or the sense of disbelief.

Oddly enough, at the very same time we cannot help talking. We are glued to our televisions and computer screens, afraid to miss what may come next. We are a nation of voyeurs watching a pornography of death and destruction. It hardly seems right to watch, and it hardly seems right not to watch.

This is a crucial test for the Christian church. We must measure our words carefully. We must think biblically and seek a proper perspective into which we can put all of this. This is not easy, but authentic ministry often comes down to saying what you know to be true when people are desperate to hear it and no one seems to know where else to look.

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A 43-a Conventie Penticostala Romana – Cintari si Predica Tim Hill – The Best Hallelujah

from Tim Hill Ministries.org
Tim Hill is married to Paula and they have three daughters, Melinda, Brittany, and Tara.

He currently serves as a member of the Executive Committee as the First Assistant General Overseer at the International Offices of the Church of God.

He has also served as the Second Assistant General Overseer; Secretary General of the Executive Committee at the International Offices of the Church of God; Chairman of the Executive Council of the Church of God and as Administrative Bishop for the Church of God in Southern Ohio and Oklahoma.

His most recent pastorate was the 800-member Riveroak Church of God in Danville, Virginia, where he hosted daily television and radio programs.

He graduated from Graham High School in 1978, Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee, in 1987, and received a Doctorate of Divinity from the Church of God Theological Seminary, Cleveland, Tennessee in 2006.

Tim Hill has just released his new book entitled, “Beyond the Mist,” along with the accompanying PowerPoint CD. He has authored five books of sermons and written 150 gospel songs over the past 30 years. Many of his songs have been recorded by the nation’s top artists in gospel music. He is the author of a number one song, which was voted as Song of the Year in 1990 by Gospel Voice Magazine, “He’s Still in the Fire.”

He began recording at 16 years of age and has 17 recording projects to his credit including many original songs.

As a speaker, Reverend Hill has traveled extensively across the United States and around the world speaking in major denominational and interdenominational conventions, camp meetings, conferences, etc.

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Tim Hill – The Best Hallelujah + Sermon (part 1…, posted with vodpod
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