Paul Washer – (1) Pray and be alone with God (2) Worthless prayer meetings

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 Worthless Prayer Meetings

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  1. Madd Scientist
    oct. 01, 2011 @ 22:15:38

    I have been involved in the prayer meeting at my church for 3 years. I felt that other people came there for whatever reasons. God only knows. They read the list and ask God to anwer the prayers. When I pray, I shed tears. I cry out to God. David Prayed” Lord give me a pure heart and humble spirit” God loves a broken heart. This when action begins. Nothing is more valuable than the quality time we spend alone before God. We can pour out our hearts to God. I do this everywhere. I feel God’s awesome presence. It is beautiful.

    I cannot say about other people. I do not even know why they are even attending the prayer meetings. Throwing some words in air to God means nothing.The prayers will not even go above the roof. Psalmist David says,”If i have wickedness in my heart, my God will not hear me” Who can ascend to the Holy mountains? He who has pure heart and clean hands. Then there are conditions for answered prayers. Isaiah says,”IF YOU CARE FOR THE WIDOWS, ORPHANS, FEED THE HUNGRY,AND CLOTHE THE NAKED LIGHT OF THE LORD SHALL SHINE UPON YOU. YOU SHALL CALL AND I WILL ANSWER”

    How many of us do this? I found that the prayer team was like a club and an exclusinve one. I felt that I did not belong there and I stopped being there.

    • rodi
      oct. 01, 2011 @ 22:29:46

      Prayer is the most awesome way to feel the presence of God ! I think that people need to learn from preachers and Pastors about this powerful way of encountering God. The more I read the puritans and the revivalists, the more I learn that prayer was the most important component of God moving hearts and transforming people.

    • Gabi Bogdan
      oct. 02, 2011 @ 10:09:48

      MADD scientist not everyone has the same emotional make up so I don’t think you can judge people based on the way they display their emotions.

  2. Madd Scientist
    oct. 02, 2011 @ 21:13:00

    I do not expect eveyone to do what I do. Most important questions we must answer are: Why do we pray? What for do we pray? How do we pray? This is between us and God. This is not for others to judge. Lot of people have told me,”Your prayers come out of your heart” . I do not have naything else to say. You decide. When i pray in public, I pour oout my heart to God. Otherwise, I feel I am blowing words into air. I feel dry and empty.

  3. Madd Scientist
    oct. 02, 2011 @ 21:37:07

    On a Sunday morning, at the church,one family was waiting to see me. One lady introduced herself to me. This is what she told me. Few weeks ago, I was suffering from excruciating pain. I was suffering from terminal cancer. All the tests showed that there was no hope for me. This is when my sister called you for prayers. After you prayed, all my pain disappeared. The medical team was puzzled. they did all the tests and they were all negative. I came here to thank you personally”

    I remember onelady who called me,”Pray for my sister.She is dying”. I asked her,”What is the problem”.She said, I do not know. I did not know either. I virtually cried out to God on behalf of her. I did not know what happened.

    2 weeks later, the lady came to see me. Her brother is aPolice officer in the Denver Police Department. All I can say is „God even answered me, a sinner „Thank you Lord.

    Another time, there was aTV news.A Police officer was shot and thebullet passed through his brain. He was in acoma. One lady called me and asked for prayer. As before, I cried out to God. Later, I found that this officer survived the bullet passing through his brain. He is still alive. I am not claiming that he was healed only because of my prayer. All I can say is,”Thank you even heard me, A Sinner”. God was glorified in these two as well as many more occasions of answered prayers. There have been times my prayers were not answered. I do not understand. God does not answer all the prayers.
    My daughter was sick and the Church was called and they prayed. My daughter died. Why? My daughter needed emergency medical treatment. They did noto give her. But, they kept praying because, they only believed in Divine healing.They denied medical treatment for her. I do not understand why my daughter was not healed. I will ever know.

    • rodi
      oct. 03, 2011 @ 00:41:57

      Some powerful testimonies! Thank you for sharing them. We will never know the answer as to why God does not answer all prayers for healing or life, but we trust in Him regardless and although we have many questions, we will trust and obey the Lord because even if he will never answer even one prayer, he has given us the biggest gift -the gift of salvation and that is enough to keep us fighting the good fight on this earth.

      • madd scientist
        oct. 03, 2011 @ 19:10:06

        Joni Earekson TADA was a gorgeous young woman who went for swimming. The currents drove her into a crevice and she was rescued. Since then, she has been a quadriplegic. She does beautiful paintings through her mouth. She has begun aminstry worldwide to help those who are disabled. She has provide dmill;ion sof wheel chairs to those who cannot afford. She even went to the lake in Bethesda in Isreal. She wanted to dip in tht lake hoping that she would be healed. She was not healed. Not withstanding this tragedy, she found out that she is suffering from Cancer. She is not healed. Why? We will never know. In her sickness, she had helped millions. Probably if she had been healed, this may not have happened She has a sweet message on radio every morning. Please google and find out.

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