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  1. Gabi Bogdan
    oct. 12, 2011 @ 00:31:41

    Thanks for posting the Job sermon.
    A while back i had a discution with some brothers at a bible study, and actually i suspected that Job sin was pride. I just did not have it down like Piper. They almost call me an heretic… 🙂

    • rodi
      oct. 12, 2011 @ 03:52:07

      The Job series really hit home for me. To truly understand the story of Job, one has to either experience his trauma and pain personally or have someone in the family or close to them go through Job’s trials. But, like everyone else (I assume here ) , I have had these articles prepared, but always passed over really reading them thoroughly until now, when my dad is so very ill. I cannot tell you what a source of comfort Piper’s sermons have been for me, that and the fact that our Pastor also understands the theology of suffering, while 90% of the people around us, simply don’t. People tend to think of suffering as punishment (of course when it’s happening to someone else) rather than a refinement. Many great men of God have suffered greatly, like C.S.Lewis marrying late and losing his wife a year after,Spurgeon with his life long illnesses, etc.
      Here’s the scary part= Job was a righteous man and yet he suffered greatly and in the end understood his pride’s detriment. If we apply his story to our own lives, how much more sinful are we? So, my question would be, since no one is perfect and we are much more sinful then Job, then someone who does not suffer in this life and go through the refinement, are they then lost, or have special privileges for the avoidance? That would be an interesting topic to read or to find out if anyone has preached on that aspect of suffering.
      But, after reading Spurgeon recently I am well satisfied that if he said that there are some mysteries that God has not made clear to us, then like Spurgeon I will accept that as well.
      PS being called a heretic is not always a bad thing 🙂 You just happen to form your theology based on a broader reading of theologians than most people. And we’re talking here of theologians whose theology has withstood hundreds of years of scrutiny. And they happen to have the high view of Scriptures.

  2. Amy
    oct. 12, 2011 @ 01:46:44

    Frumoasa pilda si trebuie retinut invatatura, multumesc, Domnul sa te binecuvinteze.

    • rodi
      oct. 12, 2011 @ 03:57:05

      Draga Amy, si pe mine m-a impresionat foarte mult aceasta pilda. Domnul Isus vorbea in pilde ca sa intelegem mai bine esenta adevarului care il propovaduia, si imi dau seama ca de multe ori Cuvintul ne patrunde mult mai repede prin pilde si ilustratii.Domnul sa te binecuvinteze si pe tine.

  3. viorica
    oct. 12, 2011 @ 14:29:06

    Imi pare rau ca m-a lasat auzul si nu mai pot asculta nimic.Dece asa o stie El! Rodi fii binecuvintata mi-a vorbit de tine zilele astea matusa ta Ica cu care santem prietene de 40 ani ,copii nostri erau „copii”azi sant oameni mari cu copii.Domnul cu tine .Sanatate la tata !

    • rodi
      oct. 12, 2011 @ 14:37:01

      Draga sora Viorica. Nu stiti cit de mare este respectul meu fata de dumneavoastra! Sunteti o femeie care mai rar am intilnit din generatia dumneavoastra (precum e si matusa mea). Ma rog Domnului sa va pazeasca si sa va dea auzul inapoi, iar daca El totusi va ingadui inca o incercare peste dumneavoastra (stiu cit de multe a=ti suferit deja) voi incerca sa postez predici cu subtitrari oricind le voi obtine/gasi de pe internet. Ii multumesc Domnului pentru dumneavoastra si sper ca si taticul meu se va simti mai bine ca sa vamai citesc si eu postarile la Yeshua-Shalom. De mult nu am mai intrat din cauza bolii taticului meu. Domnul sa fie cu voi! Cu multa dragoste in Domnul, va doresc izbinda! Rodi
      PS Sora Viorica- puneti-va si scrieti experientele dumneavoastra cu Dumnezeu. Va veti zidi personal si copii si nepotii se vor bucura sa invete detalii de la viata dumneavoastra.

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