Christian Doctrine 2 – Revelation: God Speaks

Lecture by Mark Driscoll. Last week we considered who God is. This week we will consider what God has revealed to His creation. God in His grace has given us an option greater than speculation. It is only through His revelation that we can even begin to know who God is and understand His purposes.

General Revelation: The personal act of God by which He makes Himself known through His creation, providence and conscience to humanity in general so that they might come into relationship with Him. (Ps 19:1-4, Ps 98:8-10, Rom1:19-21)

Special Revelation: The personal acts of God by which He makes Himself known by His redemptive word-work to many people son that they might come into relationship with Him. (2 Tim 3:16, Heb 1:1)

Theology: Let us begin our discussion with the revelation of God..

How is the inspiration of Scripture verified by the following:
The teachings of Jesus?
Self verification and consistency?
What does it mean that the Word of God is sufficient?
What part did God play in special revelation?
What part did the human authors play in special revelation?
Explain the difference between interpretation and application.
What characteristics of God give us confidence in the cannon of Scripture?

Implications: consider now, the implications of God revelation to our daily lives.

Give an example of general revelation in your life and how God used it to reveal Himself to you?
How has God revealed Himself to you through Scripture in the past week?
How does faith in the Word of God effect how you live your life today?
What does it mean to submit to the Authority of Scripture to you personally?
In what areas of your life have you resisted the Bibles Authority?
Give an example of where you see the Word of God living and active today.

Prayer: Reflect on the truth of God’s Word, and who it reveals Him to be. Meditate on the grace of God that He would reveal Himself to us is such a tangible way as Scripture.

Pray for wisdom and understanding of the revelation of God in my daily Bible study.
Pray that the word of God would be living and active in my life.
Pray for a desire to know God through his Word.
Pray for those you know who have yet to believe that God’s revelation would penetrate their hearts.

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