Christian Doctrine 3 – Creation: God Makes

History has a beginning The Bible begins with God and the Creative act that sent time into motion. As we study the essential doctrines of the church we must address the origin of man and the universe itself. Scripture gives us the account of this origin in Genesis 1 and 2, These first chapters of the Bible have sparked many debates over the years inside and outside the church. As we begin our study, let us take care to be faithful to what scripture reveals about creation and be content with the mystery in the areas it is silent.

Theology: What does scripture say about Creation?

Which of the Christian views on Creation do you subscribe? Support your position with Scripture?
What are the non-negotiable issues with regard to creation and which should we hold in an open hand?
When you read Genesis 1-2, what do you take a way as the focus of the first two chapters of Scripture?
Are the 6 days of Creation literal 24 hour days? Support your answer.
What is the significance of Creation being made out of nothing (Heb 11:3)?

Implications: We will know discuss the implications of God revelation to our daily lives.

What is the personal significance to you that Genesis 1-2 are focused on the Creator vs. Creation?
How does this view effect the way that you look at other aspects of your life?
Why is understanding Creation an essential doctrine?
What have you learned about God from observing His creation?
How does you life look different with the perspective of God as Author and Subject of History?

Prayer: Reflect and meditate on the work of Creation and what it reveals about the glory of God.

Pray that we would worship the Creator and not Creation.
Pray for a God centered perspective of history.
Pray for those who do not yet know Jesus , that they would see the glory of God in Creation itself.

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