Piper, Driscoll, and Ferguson (Desiring God 2008 National Conference)

2008 conference – panel discussion, moderator Justin Taylor of the GospelCoalition.org

Sinclair Ferguson, ordained as a minister in Scotland in 1971 recalls how he came to Christ at the age of 14 and being called into the ministry to preach. He remembers how most other ministers, including his own at the time in Scotland, did not believe the full counsel of the Bible and therefore did not preach from the entire Bible. They were very wary of him as he preached the full authority of the entire Bible.

Mark Driscoll speaks about the criticism he has received and about the true friends who have mentored him (i.e. Piper, Mahaney) and whose constructive criticism has helped him. He talks about reading Billy Graham’s book „Leadership Secrets” and learning from Graham how to turn his critics into coaches by examining whether their criticism was warranted. He states that we live in a world where communication is 1)instant -out there immediately 2)constant -not like days of old where you could just write to a newspaper to complain, but you couldn’t harass someone like you can online today 3) global -the whole world will hear it and 4)permanent – it will be out there forever.

John Piper speaks on the work of the tongue and states that there will be tears one day when we meet God because we will be judged for all that we have spoken (the good-not enough, the bad-too much)in our earthly life. 

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