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Mark Driscoll preaching on the Parable of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15:11-32.

  •  God’s first plan is always humility, his second plan is humiliation. If you don’t have the first one, you get the second one… God opposes the proud, but honors the humble.
  • Sin is not just breaking the law-it’s breaking the Father’s heart
  • Repentance is much beter than getting caught; some of you are waiting until you get caught
  • Most sinners don’t feel that God, the Father loves them and runs towards them (as in the Prodigal son parable)but He does and He has compassion for the son. Lesson here is: When you sin run to the Father
  • Second part of the story is about the son who stayed home- the religious son. The religious son gets indignant, judgmental and dishonors the Father also, by refusing to honor the father’s request to join them at the banquet. He is lecturing his father; he did not love his fathe; he, like his rebellious brother is using his father and he becomes angr at the father’s grace. The religious person says about others who get radically saved and says:”They don’t deserve it, they didn’t earn it!” That’s right, that’s grace! Don’t be jealous of the grace that God gives to others.
  • Does the religious son repent? No. Religious people often don’t understand that they need to repent of their religiousness (their self righteousness, their pride for their works). When they see sinners they not only get angry, but they get indignant thinking others don’t deserve God’s grace. 
  • You can be moral and lost. You can be religious but completely blind to the grace of the Father.
  • The Father is kind. He is pursuing the rebellious and the religious son to enjoy the fruit of repentance.

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