John Piper – Why we believe the Bible series

The Inspiration, Inerrancy,

and Authority of the Bible

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Seminar Notes

  1. Why Are We Concerned with the Bible?
  2. Which Books Make Up the Bible and Why?
  3. The New Testament Canon
  4. Do We Have the Very Words Written by the Biblical Authors?
  5. Does It Matter Whether We Affirm the Verbal Inerrancy of the Original Manuscripts?
  6. What Does the Bible Claim for Itself?
  7. The Old Testament Claims for Itself
  8. The Truth and Authority of the Apostles
  9. How Can We Justify the Claim That the Bible Is God’s Word?
  10. The Meaning of the Bible’s Inerrancy
  11. Appendix One: The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy (1978)
  12. Appendix Two: The Immediate Knowledge of God That Comes with Human Consciousness in the World
  13. Appendix Three: My Own Experience of God as an Immediate Effect of My Consciousness in the World as a Human Being
  14. Appendix Four: Note on How the Immediate Knowledge of God Relates to the Self-Attestation of Scripture
  15. Appendix Five: Thoughts on How to Know If a Writing Is From God
  16. Appendix Six: An Argument From the Fulfillment of Prophecy
  17. Appendix Seven: How Do We Credit Paul’s Testimony?
  18. Appendix Eight: John Calvin on Scripture and the Internal Testimony of the Spirit

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