Brother GEORGE Galis – Tireless, Hard at Work and … No Interest in Who Gets the Credit by Jacob-Dwight Cotan

I had just finished my first two years at the European Theological Seminary
and had came back to the States for my summer internship. I was received
at Philadelphia Church in Chicago with lots of love and brotherly affection by
the senior pastor, Brother George Galis.

Brother George was a pastor with a thousand things to do, on his daily list,
with very little outside help. During this period when Romanian immigrants
were coming over like a flood, pastor George felt compelled to help and
assist each one with their settlement in the new world (immigration papers,
food, lodging, jobs, and school for the children…).

Early on in my internship, along with preaching, I was given the
responsibility of social work and was able to relieve George, the plumber-
pastor, of some of his duties. I soon learned how to assist in filling out all
kinds of immigration papers and quickly learned how to get to the social
security and immigration offices by heart.

Interestingly enough, there were no guidelines or any courses on the subject
to catch up with. We had to learn how to cope with overwhelming situations
as the Lord was leading.

The spiritual state of the church was solid and the relationships that were
formed among the brethren then, were of incredible closeness and they
remain strong today.

Dallas Fort Worth Convention of the Church of God in 1984. Trandafir Sandru, Georgeta Sandru, Jacob Cotan, Pavel Bochean. Samuel Isfan,George Galis,Nelu Bochean

I was blessed when Brother George called me to go along and participate
with him at the Church of God Convention in Fort Worth – Dallas. What I
didn’t know was that the hospital, where he was working, was re-piping all
the sewer pipes and that brother George was instrumental in this enormous
retrofit project.

I went to his house and we were ready to leave. He was just taking a few
bites of the delicious food set before him when I saw he was interrupted
a few times by some church members that wanted to have their problem
taken care of. A few minutes of silence followed and he set again at the
table, just a few more bites when a young brass orchestra conductor spoke
up about his displeasure and demanded an explanation as to why they had
only been given two songs for the Sunday night program instead of the
requested three songs…

We prayed and headed from Chicago to Dallas non-stop! I was surprised

at Brother George’s curious and inquiring mind. He was interested in the
curriculum and other details of our Theological Seminary. I loved to see that
this self educated man of God shared the same passions I had, to read and
to see what the Lord is telling the leadership of his church in that period
of phenomenal social and cultural changes. We would take turns driving
and stop at gas stations just for gas and a soup. We would sometimes find
we were talking to ourselves while the other was falling asleep on the rear
bench. Our finances were meager and we found a motel about 38 miles
away from the Convention Center that fit our budget.

We were happy to see the leadership of the Romanian Pentecostal
movement, Brother Bochian, Trandafir Sandru and others, at the convention.
The ten thousand pastors, ministers and deacons were gathered to discuss
the serious problems facing the Body of Christ in the beginning of the `80’s;
women emancipation and the ordination of women in the church. In very
scholarly and orderly fashion arguments were brought to the floor on both
sides of the issue. At the end of the discussion the entire conference knelt
down before the Lord. It was a solemn atmosphere. The Lord showed up in
silence! A prophetic voice rose and spoke clearly and with high authority: “I
am the Lord that changes not…” the prophetic word so soothing and like a
balm of Gilead that healed and ironed out differences among the Leadership.
The general consensus was that only men would be ordained as pastors,
at the same time emphasizing the important role of women in the body of

Though exhaustively tired I was blessed seeing the body of Christ in unity
and love confronting the spirit of feminism and “progressive” ideas creeping
into the Church. The fellowship with the rest of the delegation was just as
interesting. I got to know the Romanian delegation members and the leaders
of the movement that were involved but also very observant in the matters
of convention.

On the way back to Chicago I was listening a lot to Brother George about the
beginning of the work in Chicago and as an aspiring young pastor I knew it
was not going to be easy but in Brother George’s words and attitude: “Jesus
is worth it, any sacrifice, no matter who gets the credit!” Brother Galis
did all that for free because the Savior ordained it to be so, “Freely you
have received, freely give. (Matt 10:8)”… and I am sure that he will get his
reward alongside with all the answers to all his difficult theological questions
and an explanation for the verses with difficult interpretation.

My spirit mourns seeing some of the ministers in our community today

that have never worked a day in this country, they have lavish salaries and
benefits (in thousands of dollars), live in luxury, and travel often, but they
are dry as the flint stone and the only thing they have to give is a three
point canned sermon they took the night before from the internet… The Lord
is no longer moving them and they forget the need to come in repentance
and fasting before the Lord. In their congregation the Spirit cries and rarely
you hear “Thus says the Lord”.

May the Lord shine his face upon Brother George and his family, I am a
different person, and I’ve been able to overcome the greatest trials of my
life, in part also, because I’ve known you and worked alongside you in his

In His love

Jacob-Dwight Cotan

Jacob Cotan, Nelu Bochean, Georgeta Sandru, George Galis

8 comentarii (+add yours?)

  1. gabi bogdan
    sept. 04, 2011 @ 07:04:58

    God Bless fratele Galis.
    I thought this is funny:
    „young brass orchestra conductor spoke
    up about his displeasure and demanded an explanation as to why they had
    only been given two songs for the Sunday night program instead of the
    requested three songs…”
    Nothing new under the sun. 🙂

  2. Lucian J. Dobre
    sept. 06, 2011 @ 09:44:43

    Well same thing hapend when back in years I played in the Church band and because of lack of time our pastors did not let us worship as many times we want it. Nobody knows how hard is being a Church pastor.
    May the Lord bless you uncle !

    • rodi
      sept. 06, 2011 @ 10:16:44

      Lucian, I have the utmost respect for worship leaders as well. The faithful ones are also sacrificial with their time, their own resources and plenty of love to keep their teams together, it is very similar to Pastoring a church. But Pastors carry the heaviest weight before man and before God. I will pass along your blessing and thanks for your comments!

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