C.S.Lewis BBC surviving audio tapes from the 1940’s

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In this rare audio from his BBC broadcasts of the 1940s, C.S. Lewis explains God’s relationship to time and space, discusses the Christian consistency with reality of an ideal that mankind is striving for, but can never find on its own.

God and Time – CS Lewis BBC Broadcast

The New Man in Christ – CS Lewis BBC Broadcast

Uploaded by on Dec 31, 2011

In this rare BBC broadcast from the 1940s, C.S. Lewis discusses what the new man was intended be like, arguing that the new kind of man has already appeared in Jesus Christ. He argues that this doesn’t happen through evolution of religion because it is not something coming out of blind progression, but something coming down from God in light and power. In his lucid unfolding of Christian theology, Lewis explains that becoming this new man requires losing ourselves and taking on the nature of Christ, drawing incredible parallels to the impact of salt in bringing out the full taste in other things.

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