Matt Chandler – Cum citești Biblia (Română)

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La urma urmei sunt doar două moduri de a citi Biblia: este ea în fond despre mine sau despre Hristos? Cu alte cuvinte, este despre ceea ce eu trebuie să fac, sau despre ceea ce El a făcut? Dacă citesc povestirea lui David și Goliat ca fiind în esență un exemplu pentru mine, atunci povestirea este într-adevăr despre mine. Trebuie să adun credința și curajul pentru a lupta cu uriașii din viața mea. Dar dacă citesc povestirea lui David și Goliat ca arătându-mi mântuirea prin Isus, atunci povestirea este într-adevăr despre El. Până când nu văd că Isus s-a luptat cu adevarății uriași (păcatul, Legea, moartea) pentru mine, niciodată nu voi avea curajul de a lupta cu uriașii obișnuiți din viață (suferință, dezamăgire, eșec, critică, greutăți).

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Vrednicia lui Dumnezeu Şi Implicaţiile Ei (Partea 1 & 2) – Charles Leiter via Illbehonest

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Partea 1

Ascultati in format MP3 aici:… Charles Leiter face o introducere generală în tema sesiunilor pe care le-a ţinut şi vorbeşte despre vrednicia lui Dumnezeu.

Partea 2

Ascultati in format MP3 aici:…

În această sesiune Charles Leiter vorbeşte despre una din implicaţiile vredniciei lui Dumnezeu, iar aceasta are de a face cu scopul final al lucrărilor lui Dumnezeu: de ce face Dumnezeu ceea ce face.

Rick Warren – at ASPIRE (Southern Baptist Convention) Conference 2011

English: PressKit photo of Rick Warren

Rick Warren is Pastor of Saddleback Church in 9 locations throughout Southern California.

„There aren’t ever going to be enough ordained people to win the world. Regular people can be church planetrs and plant churches”.
From the Conference video: You can do three things with your life

  • Waste it
  • You can spend it
  • Or, you can invest it

The greatest use of your life is to invest it into that which  outlasts it. Now, there are only two things that are going to last forever. #1 is the word of God – „Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”#2 The other thing that is going to last forever- oh yeah, PEOPLE (in) one of two places- heaven or hell.

If you want God to use you in ways you never imagined, you must get with God’s agenda, HIS vision. God never blesses our own agenda, but, He does say, „Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.

Everyone’s vision shrinks. Isaiah 49:1-6 shows us Isaiah’s discouragement and God’s antidote for Isaiah’s ministry is a bigger vision, global, international. In this passage, Isaiah recounts his conversation with God. He knows God wants to use him, but he starts making excuses. God’s response to Isaiah’s discouragement is not coddling.  His response  is this, „Your problem is that your vision has shrunk”.(Isaiah 49:6) „I made you for more than reaching your kind of people, your city, building your church…” God is a global God and if you want God’s blessing on your ministry, you better get a global vision! It’s not a shame to be a small church, but it is a shame to be a church with a small vision.

Eight years ago, I was rebuked by God. My vision was to Pastor one church and to encourage Pastors, because I love Pastors. And, that is what I spent the last 31 years doing. Growing a church and encouraging Pastors around the world. And God said, „Rick, your vision is too small.” And He said it to me through an African Pastor. When I visited a small church in the middle of nowhere and saw their ministry to the poor and orphaned, I felt this church was doing more to help the church than my megachurch in California.

Watch John Piper’s interview with Rick Warren here.

Video of the Week – Matt Chandler at Code Orange Revival – January 13,2011

Matt Chandler speaking at the Code Orange Revival on Jan 13, 2012, hosted by Elevation Church, Pastor Steven Furtick. Matt is the lead pastor at The Village Church, in Dallas Texas..


Code Orange has a lot of meanings in different sectors of society, but in general it signifies that there is a heightened sense of urgency–something significant is about to happen. Probably the most fitting example that relates to our revival is the description for the Code Orange stage of a volcano:

Exhibiting heightened or escalating unrest with increased potential of eruption, timeframe uncertain.

That’s what the Code Orange Revival is about. We are asking and believing God for an eruption of His power and movement among us in 2012. The 12 days that we will gather for the revival is the stage just before the eruption.

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The Bible is not about you, it’s about Christ

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Vizite unicate din Martie 6,2011

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