John Piper la Bucuresti 3-6 Mai,2012 Conferinta Biblica: Dumnezeu este Evanghelia

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Citind blogul Romania Evanghelica, am aflat de anuntul din Argesul Evanghelic ca John Piper va fi invitatul principal la o conferinta in Bucuresti pe data de 3-6 Mai, 2012 la Crystal Palace Ballrooms. In acelasi timp s-a lansat blogul unde speram pe viitor sa gasim tot mai multe resurse traduse si subtitrate in Limba Romana.

Al doilea eveniment la care va participa John Piper va fi  Duminică, 6 Mai, 2012 la Sala Palatului între orele 18:00-20:00 la care subiectul va fi cartea sa „NU-ȚI IROSI VIAȚA„.

Ma numesc Bârfa

Ma numesc Bârfa, n-am nici un respect pentru justitie.

Eu ii mutilez pe oameni, dar nu-i ucid. Le rup inimile si le ruinez viata. Sunt vicleana, rautacioasa si cresc in putere cu vârsta. Cu cat vorbesc mai mult, cu atat sunt tot mai crezuta. Victimile mele sunt fara ajutor, nu se pot proteja impotriva mea, caci eu n-am nume si nici fata.

Sa ma darame este imposibil. Cu cat se incearca mai mult sa ma dea jos, cu atat devin mai inselatoare.N-am nici un prieten. De-ndata ce defaimez reputatia cuiva, niciodata nu va mai fi aceeasi ca mai inainte.

Eu rastorn guverne si ruinez casatoriile, distrug carierele oamenilor si aduc nopti albe, dureri de inima si indigestie. Fac pe oamenii nevinovati sa planga pe pernele lor. Numele meu e dispretuit, toti ma numesc Bârfa. Eu produc senzatie la buletinele de stiri, dar si dureri de cap.

Inainte de a repeta o stire, intreaba-te:

– E adevarata?
– E nevatamatoare?
– E necesara?

– Daca nu e, n-o spune!

Iosif Ton – (7) Trairea dupa invataturile Domnului Isus – Cuvintul semanat si Imparatia lui Dumnezeu in viata ta

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Din aceiasi serie:

iosif ton

  1. Martin Luter sau Isus?
  2. Despre duhuri rele
  3. Despre bunatatea lui Dumnezeu Part 1
  4. Despre bunatatea lui Dumnezeu Part 2
  5. Omul cu inima dupa voia lui Dumnezeu
  6. Transformarea care o poate face Dumnezeu
  7. Cuvintul semanat si Imparatia lui Dumnezeu in viata ta (Pagina Actuala)
  8. Trairea dupa invataturile Domnului Isus 
  9. Trei lectii finale despre bunatate

John Piper’s fear of public speaking

It is interesting to note that John Piper had a huge fear of speaking in public, to the point where he once settled for a „C” in one class because he told his professor that he just can’t do the oral book report in front of his class. He even went so far as to pick courses where he knew public speaking would not be required.  Watch this short (12 minute) interview below to see how God changed all that.

This interview took place January 1, 2012 at the Campus Outreach National Conference 2011, in Chattanooga, TN with 4,000 college students in attendance. Piper answers 2 questions- How he got over his fear of public speaking  and why he wrote the book „Bloodlines”.

In awe of God’s creation – Columbia’s River of 5 colors – Coplesit de creatia lui Dumnezeu – Riul de 5 culori

ENGLISH – Known by many as “the river that ran away from paradise” and the most beautiful river in the world, Colombia’s Caño Cristales or The River of Five Colors is a veritable biological wonder. For most of the year, the river remains nondescript: clear currents, greyish rocks, cool waters. However for a brief period of time the Macarenia clavigera, a plant that lines the river floor, turns a brilliant shade of red that is only complemented by radiant shades of yellow and green sand, blue water, and many other hues in the color spectrum. For more photos of the river click here.

ROMANIAN – Despre riul numit Caño Cristales din Columbia, Sud America, si deasemeni numit  Riul De 5 Culori, se spune ca e „riul care a scapat din paradis”. Este o minune biologica. Majoritatea anului riul arata ca orice riu normal, apa e limpede si rece si piterisul este de culoare gri. Dar, pentru un timp foarte scurt „Macarenia clavigera” o planta care creste pe fundul riului se schimba intr-o culoare vie de rosu si aceasta culoare complimenteaza si transforma culoarea nisipului in galben si verde si a apei in albastru. Pentru alte poze cu acest riu faceti click aici. 

all that is interesting

Online Book by Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray (minister)

Andrew Murray  –  (1828-1917), South-African Dutch Reformed leader, author of devotional writings

Murray was Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Murray became a noted missionary leader. His father was a Scottish Presbyterian serving the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa, and his mother had connections with both French Huguenots and German Lutherans. This background to some extent explains his ecumenical spirit. He was educated at Aberdeen University, Scotland, and at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. After ordination in 1848 he served pastorates at Bloemfontein, Worcester, Cape Town, and Wellington. He helped to found what are now the University College of the Orange Free State and the Stellenbosch Seminary He served as Moderator of the Cape Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church and was president of both the YMCA (1865) and the South Africa General Mission (1888-1917), now the Africa Evangelical Fellowship.

He was one of the chief promoters of the call to missions in South Africa. This led to the Dutch Reformed Church missions to blacks in the Transvaal and Malawi. Apart from his evangelistic tours in South Africa, he spoke at the Keswick and Northfield Conventions in 1895, making a great impression. upon his British and American audiences. For his contribution to world missions he was given an honorary doctorate by the universities of Aberdeen (1898) and Cape of Good Hope(1907).

Murray is best known today for his devotional writings, which place great emphasis on the need for a rich, personal devotional life. Many of his 240 publications explain in how he saw this devotion and its outworking in the life of the Christian. Several of his books have become devotional classics. Among these are Abide in Christ, Absolute Surrender, With Christ in the School of Prayer, The Spirit of Christ and Waiting on God. (via

To browse more free online books at the Online Books Page click here

 Humility, by Andrew Murray (only 23 pages)

To view Reader in Full page mode (large print) click here.

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