The Question of God – C.S.Lewis and Freud

A lecture held at the University of California with Dr. Armand Nicholi of Harvard University comparing the material worldview of Sigmund Freud with the spiritual worldview of C.S.Lewis.

From the intro:

Although Freud, in his last published work, „Moses and Monotheism”, attacked Judaism and outraged the Jewish community, most of his attack was against what he called the „present day Christian form” of the religious worldview. We will therefore focus on the specific worldview based on the New Testament documents as defined and defended by C.S.Lewis.

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You may ask why Freud and Lewis? They lived in different countries, they spoke different languages, why Freud and Lewis?  Few individuals have influenced the moral fabric of contemporary Western civilization than Sigmund Freud and C.S.Lewis. What makes them so influential? Both possess extraordinary writing ability, literary gifts. Second, both spend a considerable portion of their lives writing about, advocating and defending     their specific worldview. Third, they also wrote autobiographies and thousands of letters making it possible to see what life experiences influenced their worldview and how their worldview influenced their lives. Last, Lewis changed his worldview from that of a militant atheist to a strong, strong believer. And thus, it makes it possible to observe how the effect of both worldviews had on one life.

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